How to fix battery draining issue on iPhone, Android in 2021

Smartphone users expect to use their smartphone for a day with normal use without looking for a charging point they will get into. However, iPhone users have had problems with their smartphone batteries charging too much before the expected time. Many Android smartphone owners have also begun to face the same problem. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you maximize the battery life of your smartphone. How to Maintain 100% iPhone Battery health 2021

Charge the phone wisely 2021

Most of us have a habit of plugging in a smartphone when the battery percentage is low and we don’t want it to be turned off. Some of us even leave the phone charger at night to save time in the morning. However, completely unloading and charging your iPhone can take its toll on battery life over time. Try charging the phone when the battery is half full or low if you have a charging station nearby. Also, do not charge your iPhone 100 percent on the go. Instead, leave some space on the battery.

Low power mode 2021

Enabling low power mode will help you get the most out of your iPhone when the battery percentage is less than 20 percent. You can turn it on by entering settings, by tapping the battery option, then toggling and pressing the toggle button next to the ‘Low Power Mode’ option. This option disables Mail from downloading background content. Features such as iCloud sync, Airdrop will also be disabled next to saved system animations to save battery.

Check out the apps running in the background 2021

Many apps run in the background and drain a large amount of battery for your smartphone. You need to exit the app or remove it from the latest items. You can also limit these apps by going to settings, and then tapping on apps. After that, you should select a specific application, go to Saver Power or Battery options, and select “Do Not Run Back”.

Use Dark Mode 2021

Many apps have released their black mode to help users save their smartphone battery. Installing a black theme on your device will reduce battery usage. Also, turn on black mode in apps where the feature is available like Instagram, WhatsApp etc.