How to Fix a Squeaky Fan on Commercial Fridge?

Commercial fridges have to bear shear in their functionality as these appliances are intended to maintain fresh and chilled food products at a large scale. As a result of this, sometimes, these fridges make loud unpleasant sounds. This noise generally occurs due to the fan present in the commercial fridge. Here, we are going to discuss the ways to fix a squeaky fan on commercial fridge.

How to Fix a Squeaky Fan on Commercial Fridge?

Squeaky fridges can turn out to be a serious problem, burdening your pocket later on if not resolved on time. In case of a squeaky fan on a commercial fridge, you should head upon the Condensor Fan Motor, Evaporator Fan Motor, and Evaporator Fan Motor Grommet. These are the probable areas that could be responsible for the loud noise from the commercial fridge.

Method 1: Condensor Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor of a commercial fridge gradually gets blocked with dust or dirt with time. Moreover, you may find the fan to be worn out or loose in some instances. This results in malfunctioning of your fridge and would generate loud noise from it. Check the issue and get it resolved accordingly.

Method 2: Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor sometimes gets congested with frost or ice, making the fan movement troublesome. There could also be the possibility of damaged or loose fan blades. This may be the reason for a squeaky fan on the commercial fridge. Take the necesary action as per the issue.

Method 3: Evaporator Fan Motor Grommet

The evaporator fan motor of your commercial fridge is set on grommets to avoid the rattling on the bracket which is mounted. The grommets tend to worn out or gets loose gradually with time. So the fan movement on its bracket makes a loud noise. Thus, make sure to check the grommets if such a problem exists and if found worn out or loose, opt to replace them.