How to fix a clogged sink

Suppose you are wondering why your kitchen sink is not working properly. You drain it very slowly, but still, it leaves an odor. The reason is you may have a clogged sink in your kitchen. 

Due to the continuous building of blockage, the sink can be in very bad condition. But you would not want to witness cooking in your kitchen without a sink. So, taking care of your clogged sink immediately is important. This guide reviews different methods on how to unclog your kitchen sink. So, read this article to get as much help as possible. 

Use boiling water to dislodge the sink

Using Boiling water to dislodge the sink is one of the most common solutions. However, when soap, grease, big or small hair, or other debris gets stuck into the sink pipe, the sink’s pipe gets blocked, causing the clog. So, you must boil some water and pass it through the pipe. You may contact a Plumber at Forest Lake if you have used this method but have yet to solve the problem due to extreme clogging. However, if you follow the steps below, the problem will likely be solved easily.

  • Remove any standing water into the sink.
  • Bring a half gallon of hot water to a rolling boil of high heat. This hot water helps to repair the kitchen sink pipe.
  • Pass the hot water through the kitchen sink pipe.
  • Do not allow the sink to cool completely, and repeat the process.

The garbage disposal

When you unclog the sink with the garbage disposal, You confirm that you are on the unit. Then, after furnishing the disposal, you turn it on to clear the clog. 

  • Turn on the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink if the club is at the disposal so that it may break up.
  • If it is disposable but is not running, check to see if the sink is overheated. Sometime later, turn it on again to see if the clog is clear. You can also contact a reliable plumber at Forest Lake to help you with this. 

Use a dry Vacuum to clean the sink. 

If your kitchen sink’s water is not draining correctly, the pipe may have a big blockage. It causes your sink to drain nothing because the water gets stuck in its way. Fix the pipe to clean the gunk causing the blockage. 

This work can be messy, so prepare yourself with rubber gloves and a vacuum cleaner. If this task is too much for you, contact Alexander Plumbing & Gas and ask them to provide you with a good plumber to do the job. But if you can do the job, then follow the steps below:

  • Set your vacuum cleaner’s hose in front of your kitchen sink.
  • Place the vacuum cleaner pipe at the end of the drain’s entrance. Then create a tight seal everywhere at the end of the sink.
  • Now, seal out the sink’s opposite side with a rubber stopper. 
  • Lastly, turn on the vacuum. Its pressure will help to unclog the sink. 


A clogged sink is bad news, especially for those who like homemade food. So, avoid throwing off grease oil, meat, coffee grinds, Small egg shells, etc., at your kitchen sink. But if it is already clogged, use the abovementioned methods to unclog the sink.