How to Find UPS Inverter Affordable Price in Pakistan?

Since a load outage is not going to happen anytime soon, it is important to purchase the right equipment to provide long-term battery backup power. More questions are how much does the affordable UPS inverter price in Pakistan? An inverter with more power and better output quality is more expensive, although the cost on the market varies greatly. Locally made or Chinese-made inverters and UPSs usually cost less, but well-known international brands charge more for superior quality and reliability.

What is a Handmade Inverter?

A handmade inverter made by local electricians is a better choice if you’re looking for the cheapest option. Keep in mind, however, that they are prone to breakdowns and, due to their inefficiency and lack of warranty, will end up costing more in the long run. Electrical breakdowns can also be caused by substandard equipment. We don’t recommend buying them because of the small price difference between a brand name inverter and a manual inverter.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s take a look at how to choose the best inverter in Pakistan based on your needs and budget.

How do find the best inverters in Pakistan that cost less than 12,000 rupees?

Tips for Inverter Cost                          

  1. If you are looking for an imported inverter priced below Rs 10,000, you should expect that it can only handle a few fans and light bulbs.
  2. In this price range, the choices are limited, and affordable options like the Emerson Liebert 360W and EcoStar 300W inverters cost around Rs. 10,000.
  3. An EcoStar 600W inverter or Apollo 660W system can almost quadruple the maximum power if you’re willing to pay Rs. 12,000.
  4. The best inverters in Pakistan are in the 10,000 to 20,000 rupee range.
  5. In the price range of 12,000 to 25,000 rupees, there are better options. Many domestic and foreign companies offer many UPS models with different features and capacities.
  6. For example, NRE is a lesser-known brand that sells units ranging from 1,200 kVA to 2 kVA at a price range of Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 15,000.
  7. If you’re dealing with more well-known and reputable companies, you can expect to pay between Rs. 17,000 and Rs. 20,000 for the following models:
  • CyberPower 600 – 900W,
  • Westpoint 2KVA,
  • Enviro 700W-1000W,
  • Mercury 1200VA,
  • EcoStar 720W inverter.

Watt by Inverter and Its Price

These inverters can be purchased for Rs. 20,000.

  • Apollo 1400VA,
  • EcoStar 1440W,
  • Inverex 2400VA,
  • ProLink 2400VA,
  • Aurora 2400VA.

These are entry-level devices, providing high power, but low-quality output signal (modified sine wave).

How to Find Best inverters in Pakistan priced between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000?

  1. You will notice that products in the Rs 20,000-30,000 category are comparable to those in the lower price ranges. The maximum power output is almost the same, but some offer better quality.
  2. Inverters in this category are represented by well-known and renowned manufacturers. These devices are able to work at the declared power while maintaining high efficiency of more than 90%.
  3. Slightly cheaper models such as the 1000VA-1500VA from Emerson, 2000VA from Hyundai and 1200W from EcoStar are more or less equivalent to models priced above Rs. 18,000.
  4. The APC 700VA is another choice if you want an inverter from the most popular brand in the world. Of course, in a country like Pakistan, an APC inverter is not good value for money.

Invert Sort by Watt

  • Homage 1400W UPS,
  • Inverex 2000W Pure Sinewave or solar hybrid inverter,
  • Axpert 1kVA.

What is the High-Quality Features of Pakistan?

  1. They provide clean sine wave output (high-quality output) and a variety of features.
  2. The best inverters in Pakistan are priced between 30,000 and 40,000 rupees.
  3. Most cheap brands and small companies do not offer powerful UPS systems that can handle heavy loads. Only units imported from China or other markets are available.
  4. Over Rs. 35,000 can be spent on 3,000 VA units from Homage, Inverex, ProLink and Crown Micro. They are available with a high-quality output or with a solar panel mount. Axpert, on the other hand, offers a 2 kVA unit for the same price.

How do find the best inverters in Pakistan starts at 40,000 rupees?

  1. Since most buyers don’t need an inverter with more than 3,000 VA, we’ve lumped them into one category. Only those who need to power offices or air conditioners will pay that much for an inverter.
  2. Homage or Inverex 3000VA units have high-quality outputs and support solar power. They are often priced around Rs. 50,000. APC’s 1000VA unit is also in this price range.

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