How to find travel nurse housing in NYC

Furnished travel nurse housing is one thing that can really make or break your decision, irrespective of whether you are an experienced travel nurse or a first timer. Calling around and viewing countless adds may also leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. The exhaustion of looking for a home can increase as the days get closer to starting your new assignment.



Some travel nurse recruiters may look for a home for you, but many people prefer to get this done on their own. Although it isn’t difficult to find short term housing, it may be time consuming. One of the most challenging things is that you will need the home to be fully furnished, with utilities and safety included. You may find that after specifying these preferences, your list will significantly shrink. There are a few tips you should be aware of when looking for housing for travel nurses.



Tips when looking for housing


  1. If you think an offer is too good to be true, it probably is –don’t just trust everything that you read online. You may locate websites that offer you the option of communicating with other travel nurses to check if a particular website is legit or what websites they use to find housing options. Usually, when an offer looks too good to be true, it just may be.
  2. Check out potential landlords online, with caution – when you are communicating with landlords online, it is important to go with your gut. If you feel something doesn’t feel right, steer clear of it. Ensure that the pictures you find online, or the pictures that the landlord gives you, correspond. Sometimes if the rental is under-priced and the images are top notch, it is indeed a scam. Don’t send money online. Scammers are cyberbullies just looking for people that are desperate to find accommodation.
  3. Vacation rentals – you may find that a good place to look are vacation rental websites. You will find many great short-term housing solutions on these sites. You will likely be looking for cheap accommodation near the hospital so you can filter your results. Check the availability of each of the housing solutions. It may be difficult locating something that will be available for your entire stay, but certainly not impossible.
  4. Travel nurse housing services – you will find sites that specifically appeal to travel nurses and have housing that caters for the specific needs of the travel nurse. Ensure that you have good credit as this is a necessity.
  5. Extended stay – many nurses opt to use extended stay hotels. This may be because they like the amenities that come with hotel stays such as breakfast, house cleaning and gyms. Many of these hotels come with kitchens and this will save you money and encourage you to cook your own food.


There are many options to consider once you have said yes to your assignment in NYC. Ensure that you use all the resources available to you and be smart about finding your accommodation.



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