How to find the right product in our trampoline comparison

Trampolines are extremely popular – the offer is correspondingly large and confusing. When evaluating trampolines, who built the first remote controlled vehicle in what year many trampoline tests assume, among other things, the maximum load capacity. However, a very high value ensures very little fun jumping for small children.

As is so often the case when choosing the trampoline, it is important that it fits as well as possible to the individual application. Check the individual features and characteristics in this comparison table and order your favorite easily, cheaply, and conveniently home.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our trampoline comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • If you do not have a huge garden, you should measure the area available for a garden trampoline and then sketch the planned diameter with flour or similar. Many are mistaken in terms of space requirements and the visual effect.
  • Safety is a very important aspect when choosing a trampoline to avoid injury. For young children, for example, well-closing zippers on the safety net are better than some buckles.
  • In addition to the results of various trampoline tests and comparisons, it is best to pay attention to warranty periods and spare parts if you want to enjoy a trampoline for a long time. If you cover it during periods of bad weather and break it down in winter, you will actively extend its shelf life.

Springs made of steel, rubber, and fiberglass

Most garden trampolines have steel springs, while fitness trampolines often also work with rubber springs. However, there are also very high-quality garden trampolines with fiberglass springs.

Most trampolines for children are purchased to give them the joy of movement. In some housing estates, one can be seen in almost every garden. In fact, the movement on the trampoline is versatile and trains not only muscles but also condition and coordination. In principle, the trampoline is not only a great sport for children. This is very similar to a hula hoop.

When you buy a trampoline, the right jumping energy and safety are essential remote controlled car track this purchase advice gives you information and tips to help you decide on your personal trampoline test winner.

What types of trampolines are there?

In the general consideration, different trampoline types come into consideration. Therefore, here is a brief overview of the models that are suitable for private households:

Garden trampoline

  • Usual diameters are between 3 and 5 meters
  • Most are round, but there are also trampolines in a rectangular and oval shapes
  • The garden trampolines are equipped with safety nets
  • It has a frame with supports, a jumping bed, feathers, and a cover of the feathers
  • The trampoline accessories partly include a rain cover

Fitness trampoline

  • Usual diameters around 100 to 120 cm
  • Jumping surface between 70 and almost 100 cm
  • With steel springs or rubber springs
  • With or without grab bar and cover

Ground trampoline (inground or flat ground trampoline)

  • Flat or ground-level jumping surface (frame and supports embedded in the ground/lawn)
  • Only smaller children need a safety net
  • Otherwise comparable to the normal garden trampoline, which can also be installed accordingly and thus becomes a ground trampoline, which requires more excavation than special ground trampolines

If you know different trampoline owners in the family or in the circle of friends, do a very personal garden trampoline test or fitness trampoline test. Ground trampolines can be found in some parks – research on the Internet and just try one.

Tip: Younger children definitely need to be supervised when jumping on a trampoline, so a completely remote corner in the garden is often more impractical than a place in front of the terrace or living room window.


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