How to Find the Right Commercial Movers

Texas was a top location for companies to move to in COVID-19 stricken 2020. CEOs like Elon Musk and tech giants like Oracle Corp. were among those choosing to set up shop in the fast-growing state, citing affordability, cheaper taxes, and easier regulations.

Moving an entire office or manufacturing center is logistically complicated. When selecting the right corporate relocation service provider, you need someone who has done it all before. And if you don’t have a Tesla-sized budget, you need to be savvy in your selection.

Have you been pondering the question, “How to find a commercial moving service near me?” Read on for some useful tips and tricks to hiring the best commercial movers in the business.

Work Out Your Budget First

When it comes to residential vs commercial movers, commercial moving services are typically more expensive. This price is, of course, justified. Commercial movers are moving a much larger volume of furniture and equipment, and they’re often moving costly or fragile equipment like computer servers and computers.

Before you even start looking for a moving company to work with, one of the most useful tips for moving offices is to have a budget in mind.

Work out the cost of:

  • Boxing up your workplace equipment
  • Hiring moving trucks
  • Storage facilities (for anything you can’t move right away)
  • Computer system and telephone uninstall and reinstall
  • Interior design
  • Trash collection

Compare your estimated budget with what you can afford, and start by looking for companies willing to work in your price range.

Research Commercial Movers in Your Area

If you don’t want to join the legions of people sharing their moving horror stories, be prepared to spend some time researching moving companies.

When looking online for a company to work with, check out their website to see if they offer any case studies. Have they worked with companies of your same size before? What types of furniture or equipment did they move for those companies?

Of course, you can check out customer testimonies on a company website, but often they don’t offer an unbiased opinion. They’re selected by the company, after all. It’s far better to head onto Google Maps or Facebook and see what past customers say in their reviews.

Check the Insurance Fine Print

If you’re still wondering how to find the right commercial movers, asking them for an insurance certificate is a sure-fire way to weed out dishonest companies.

An insurance certificate proves that the company has paid for liability insurance, which protects your property. In case of damage, from breakages to water damage to fire, the relocation service provider is bound by law to compensate you.

If a company can’t show you a certificate, don’t work with them. They might have a crummy safety history.

Any good corporate relocation company will have liability insurance built into their move plan–which, by the way, you need to ask for in advance.

Be Prepared and All Will Be Well

From locking down that budget and negotiating the right price to getting set up in your new space, office relocation can be stressful. People hate change, so remember to prepare your staff for the move well in advance. Now that you know what to look for in a commercial moving company, finding commercial movers that suit your specific needs should be a breeze.

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