How to Find the Perfect Formal Dress on a Budget

As the year begins, there are many events that are lined up. Talk of weddings, business meetings, and interview sessions among others. As always, everyone would like to present themselves as polished and admirable people. It all starts with your dressing code.

But do you have the money to buy those expensive clothes? Some stores sell their clothes at exaggerated prices and it can be financially straining to purchase a dress for every wedding or event. You need to be creative to ensure that you find presentable dresses but at a reduced cost.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect formal dress on a budget:

1.    Buy second hand

Instead of going for a brand new formal outfit from the shop, take advantage of consignment shops and second-hand stores near you. Most of these places sell high-quality attires that are almost similar to new clothes.

Although you might not get exactly what you want, you are likely to find something that will look good on you. Some of the clothes sold in second-hand stores are worn for a few days and resold. This means they are of the same quality or even better compared to some new clothes.

2.    Ask for sample dresses

Most formal stores and bridal salons have sample dresses of trending dresses for customers to fit on. But as the trend fades away, their sample dresses will no longer be necessary. Most stores will therefore put such dresses on sale at the end of each season.

One strategy to use is to go directly to stores that sell formal dresses and ask them about their sample dresses. If they are available, try to fit and see if they can offer them at discounted prices. You will be surprised to find your exact style at a very affordable price.

3.    Rental dresses

There are many stores that have dresses for people who would want to rent them just for a while without necessarily buying them. This is a great way of looking great without spending a lot. After all, no one will know whether your dress is rented or not.

You can check stores that offer formal black tie gowns for hire online or ask friends and family members for referrals. Ensure that you select a perfect one that fits you well before starting to negotiate about the rental price.  

4.    Design your own dress

This is also a great way of getting a perfect formal dress when you are on a budget. There are a few online stores that give customers the option of designing their own dresses. They do this because some customers are very choosy and may fail to get the type of dresses they want in a particular store.

This can be a perfect chance for you to design your dress from scratch. The online store will definitely reduce the price of the dress significantly.

5.    Learn to negotiate

Many stores love customers who don’t know how to negotiate. In most cases, a salesperson will quote almost three times the actual prices of the dress. You are the kind of person who doesn’t even attempt to negotiate the asking price, then you will end up purchasing that dress three times its actual value.

But when you are on a budget, you have no choice but to sharpen your negotiation skills. This means countering every figure that you are given by the store’s attendant. You will be shocked to purchase a dress at more than half of the price that you were initially told.

In a nutshell, it is possible to find a perfect formal dress even if you are on a budget.