How To Find The Importers Data Online?

The import-export market is huge, and its impact on the economy is not just limited to one country but on a global level. Every day the market makes transactions of billions, and to keep up with this trading, people in business and big tycoons rely on import-export data.

Short Summary Of Global Import

The total value of goods and services exported throughout the world in 2019 was approximately $19 trillion. The recent international trade statistics reports proclaimed a record hike of 8% in the global trade during the first quarter of this year compared to last year.

This data also stated that most goods imported globally are from Asian countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, etc. Every small business and tycoon involved in import-export-trading counts on global importers data for finding top importers to trade with and make profits.

How Does Importers Data Help Businesses?

Today, almost all businesses are somehow correlated within import-export-trading, and their development and status directly depend upon this particular field. Therefore, the import-export databases help people understand the current trends and situations of the market. In contrast, the importers’ data helps them choose and identify the best importers and suppliers to work with.

It also creates opportunities for budding businesses and suppliers to enter into the global goods and service trading field and work alongside the leading importers. Moreover, it makes it easier for people to contact the importers directly from their given contact details.

Thus, direct contact marketing helps people reach such importers and convince them to trade goods and services at a better price without involving any third person or other contact points. It is convenient and beneficial for both parties involved in the deal. Another benefit that buyers get from inspecting importers data is that they can compare and evaluate the goods and services provided by various importers. This data also validates the authority and performance of the importer.

Online Resources To Find Importers Data

The following resources are authentic and provide legitimate importers data:


Trademo is an import-export data research forum. It provides global import-export-trading information. It also keeps records of all the deals and shipments in the market and makes them available to people. Trademo is connected with officials in the customs and allied with transportation chains to give real-time shipment updates. In addition, it also holds an importer database and a brief of the shipments.

Trademo serves through an AI-integrated website and provides many features to the buyers. Therefore, it makes it easier for people to understand the process and choose the best importer based on their needs and deeds.

FITA (Federation OF International Trade Association)

FITA is an international trade portal and serves many business services. It provides resources and benefits to the international trade community and tools to assist people in doing global business.

It also allows people to search manually for importers serving globally and keeps abreast of the importers list. It has connections with over 8,000 import-export companies and offers data of more than 44,000 importers and exporters.

Government Trade Portals

Government trade portals like US Census Bureau On Foreign Trade are the official source for all import-export databases and statistics. These government bodies govern the import-export shipments in and out of their countries. Moreover, it regulates all the laws and regulations for the same. They also hold records of importers in the importer database.

Why Should You Choose Online Platforms For Obtaining Importers Data?

Online import-export data research platforms like Trademo offer great features and tools to their users like real-time shipment tracking, weekly newsletters, and consultation. Trademo also provides an importers list and dispenses the service of proper guidance and consultation as well.

Thus, businesses get to utilize services like USA import data, shipment reports, consultation from logistic companies and trade finance institutions, and good advice on international trading laws and regulations.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.