How to Find the Best Dog Products Affiliate Programs 

Joining a pet affiliate program like InnovetPet is a great way to grow your audience while earning a largely passive side income. 

If you have a blog, social media presence, or online influence and you can relate it to pets in some shape or form, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not joining a pet affiliate program. 

But, with so many programs available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll explore how to find the best affiliate programs for dog products and what to consider when evaluating them.

Why Join A Dog Product Affiliate Program?

Simple…people love their pets, and dogs are the number 1 pet. Even before the pandemic which accelerated dog adoption rates, dog ownership was increasing, and you better watch calling them pet owners, because the term pet parent is greatly preferred now. 

Dubbed humanization, never before have more pet parents treated their pets like equal family members. And that translates into them spending a lot of money on their furkids. 

  1. Additional income: Affiliate programs allow you to earn a commission on every sale made through your affiliate links. This is a great way to earn additional income, especially if you have a large following or an engaged audience.
  1. Low overhead: As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about creating or storing products, managing inventory, or shipping orders. All you have to do is promote the products and collect a commission on any resulting sales.
  1. Flexibility: Affiliate marketing is a flexible way to earn income, as you can work from anywhere and at any time. This makes it a great option for those who want to work from home or who have other commitments that require a flexible schedule.
  1. Wide range of products: Dog product affiliate programs often offer a wide range of products, from organic treats to breed-specific toys to specialty grooming supplies to wellness supplements. This means you can promote products that you truly believe in and that align with your values and interests.
  1. Free Marketing: Partnering with a strong affiliate brand brings you a load of marketing goodies. The brand may provide content, allowing you to quickly whip up a post. Then associating yourself with a company that has their own built-in audience can drive new traffic to your website. 

What To Look For In A Good Dog Affiliate Program

When looking for a good affiliate program, there are several factors to consider. 

Commission rates – The commission rate is the percentage of the sale that you’ll earn as an affiliate. Bigger name brands typically offer lowering commission rates and it can also be hard to push such well-known products. This can make it a smart idea to look into boutique pet companies that typically offer higher commission rates while also offering something pet parents don’t already have. 

Quality of the products – You want to promote products that are high-quality and that your audience will be interested in buying. Make sure the products are well-made and provide value to your audience. To do this, make sure to check out reviews on the individual products.

Conversion rate – The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who actually make a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link. Look for programs with high conversion rates, as this will increase your earning potential.

Cookie duration – The cookie duration is the amount of time that a visitor has to make a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link for you to earn a commission. As long as the cookie is active, they do not need to click your link again for you to earn a commission if they choose to buy something. Look for programs with longer cookie durations, as this gives your audience more time to make a purchase. The modern pet parent isn’t so quick to pull the trigger on a new product, preferring to shop around and research. 

Affiliate support – Look for programs that provide good affiliate support, including access to marketing materials, tracking tools, promotional material, and responsive customer support.

Payment terms – Look for programs with clear and fair payment terms, including when and how you’ll be paid. Some programs payout bi-weekly, some monthly; many only after you’ve hit a certain monetary amount. 

Reputation – Look for programs with a good reputation in the industry and positive reviews from other affiliates. This can give you confidence that you’re partnering with a reputable and trustworthy company.

Range of products – From grooming supplies to health support aids to treats, there is a long list of items, essential and not so essential, we buy for our fur buddies. And within those individual categories is the equally big, if not bigger, range of variations of the item. This makes it smart to join an affiliate program that offers a range of dog products. 

Other pets – You shouldn’t just stop at choosing a pet company that offers a range of dog products. Picking a company that also provides items for other pets like cats, rabbits, and even horses is great for all the same reasons. 

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