How to find the best coworking space in Singapore

Many small business owners, startups and professionals do not have the funds and resources to hire and manage a full fledged office in Singapore. Though they can work from home, they are often isolated and find it inconvenient to meet their customers, business associates at home. Hence they are interested in finding a suitable co-working space where they can work, and the monthly rentals will be lower than a full fledged office. Some tips which will help a professional or business discover the best coworking space in Singapore are provided below.


Commuting to the office is time consuming and expensive. Hence, one of the considerations while choosing the coworking space is the location. While everyone would like to have an office in the central business district (CBD) of Singapore, traveling to the CBD area can take more time for those who live in areas which are some distance away. So if the business has a large number of clients, vendors in the CBD area, a CBD co-working space is recommended, else the business should choose the coworking office which is close to where the professional, business owner or employees reside.

Business Space

The right coworking space for a business or professional will depend to a large extent on the business profile. Some businesses like electricians, construction contractors, repair persons, will do most of their work at the client premises, and will usually not attend the office daily. They mainly require a mailing address which they can use on their letterhead and other official documents. They would prefer an inexpensive plan which will cost less than $100 monthly, with mail handling facilities available. They are willing to pay for other services like printing, photocopying and faxing according to usage.

There are other professionals who have children or other disturbances at home. They require a well designed workplace where they can focus on their work. Another major advantage of renting coworking space is that the professional or business owner gets the opportunity to interact with a large number of other professionals, business owners. This can lead to new leads, orders for the business and business collaborations. Many startups and other businesses have a few employees, and they would like to have their own independent cabin or office for privacy so that others do not hear what is being discussed.


One of the main advantages of using a Singapore coworking space is that all the furniture is provided so the business does not have to invest additional money in furniture. The coworking space has a housekeeping staff to ensure that all areas are cleaned regularly and are well maintained. Free WiFi connection is available. Most of the coworking spaces have recreational facilities where customers can use to take a break from their work. Free water, tea and coffee is provided, though customers may be charged for snacks. Customers can also book the meeting rooms whenever they wish to meet their business associates. Additionally, networking and other events are also held for customers using the co-working space.


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