How to find the best bullet proof doors for home

Bullet-proof doors have been a recent invention that is becoming more and more popular. In today’s society, these doors offer the ultimate security – they can’t be broken in, they are economically efficient and provide state of the art protection.

What is a bulletproof door?

Bullet proof doors are typically created from steel or aluminum and are designed to protect people inside from bullets and other projectiles. In order to find the best bullet proof doors for your home, you’ll need to consider a few factors, including:

-The material of the door

-The size of the door

-The type of protection the door provides

-The price of the door

-The installation process

What are the benefits of a bulletproof door?

Bulletproof doors are a great way to keep your family safe from harm. Here are the benefits of bulletproof doors:

-They’re efficient and reliable: Bulletproof doors are incredibly effective at preventing physical attacks. They’re also very reliable, meaning they won’t let in any unwanted guests or objects.

-They’re affordable: Bulletproof doors don’t come with a high price tag. In fact, many models are affordable for most households. Plus, installation is usually straightforward and can be done by yourself.

-They’re durable: Bulletproof doors are built to last. Many models are designed to withstand high levels of damage, making them a reliable option for long-term use.

Which doors are the best for your home?

Bulletproof doors and GG defence systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners as a means of protecting their families from potential harm. However, not all doors are created equal when it comes to protecting your family. Here is a look at some factors to consider when selecting the best bulletproof doors for your home.

Protection Levels

The first consideration is protection level. The three protection levels that most homes fall into are low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact. Low-impact doors typically protect against bullets that travel less than 300 feet per second, medium-impact doors protect against bullets that travel between 300 and 500 feet per second, and high-impact doors protect against bullets that travel more than 500 feet per second. It is important to select the protection level that best suits your needs. For example, if you only need low-impact protection, then a low-impact door would be the best choice for you. If you need medium-impact protection, then a medium-impact door would be the best option for you. And if you need high-impact protection, then a high-impact door would be the best option for you. 

Type of Door

The next consideration is type of door. There are three types of doors: wood doors, steel doors, and fiberglass doors. Wood doors are made out of wood and can be constructed either with a glued-together frame or with a pressure-treated frame (Figure 10). Steel doors are constructed from heavy-gauge metal that is welded together to form a strong frame. Fiberglass doors have no metal frame, but instead use either woven glass fibers or extruded plastic to form the shape of the door. All three options offer great protection, but if you are looking for high-impact protection, it is best to opt for heavy-gauge metal. You will want at least an 18-gauge steel door because they tend to resist bullets


If you’re looking for the best bullet proof doors for your home, you’ll want to be sure to read this article. By following the tips in this piece, you can easily find and compare the different options available so that you can find the perfect door for your needs. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which door is right for your home and family. Thanks for reading!