How to find real estate cash buyers for a speedy sale

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home but have been putting off a sale because you think it requires too much work and takes too long, then you’ll be happy to hear that today it’s easier than ever to find all-cash buyers for your home. While selling a home in general can be complicated, the information in this article should help make the process much more manageable.

What are the benefits of selling to an all-cash buyer?

There are a few benefits you’ll receive by working with all-cash buyers. Those include:

  • A reduced sale closing time: The overall process can take as little as one to two weeks. 
  • Reduced risks of an incomplete sale: Since the purchase is paid for with cash and not a loan, you don’t have to worry about buyer financing not coming through.
  • You save on repairs: All-cash buyers purchase homes as-is so you don’t need to worry about paying to fix code violations and other flaws.
  • You can move on your own time: Since the buyer isn’t tied to a loan approval timeline, you can immediately arrange a precise move date.

Who are all-cash buyers?

The main types of all-cash home buyers are iBuyers, buy-and-hold investors, house flippers, and individuals with cash on hand. Of the types, iBuyers are the newest since they’ve only gained popularity since the mid-2010’s. These systems target homes that are in fair to good condition, and use computer models to calculate cash offers in a matter of days. While iBuyers generally offer 5% to 10% less for homes than other sale methods, many buyers value the convenience.

Buy-and-hold investors as the name implies purchase properties to rent out for a profit. They generally look for properties with locations that are easy to rent and have decent margins. For example homes near universities could be rented out to students on a steady basis.

House flippers generally focus on purchasing homes that are in fair to good condition at discounted rates. They then make repairs and upgrades to sell the home for a significant profit. These buyers are generally the most flexible in property condition, even purchasing homes with code violations.

Individuals with cash on hand are ordinary people who are able to purchase their home without financing. These buyers come in a variety of types, however the most common are ones who reinvested their home equity, or out of state buyers who are moving from an expensive region to a cheaper area.

The best ways to find all-cash buyers

Since there’s a variety of all-cash buyer types, it’s relatively easy to find one to purchase our home. For starters, you can contact a real estate agent because they frequently are connected with house flippers and landlords who may be potential buyers. Real estate agents can also advise on if your home is aligned with what buyers are looking for.

In addition to real estate agents, you can also check public records for cash home sales by contacting your county clerk recorder’s office, county courthouse, or city hall for information on the process.

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