How to Find Partners for Your Beauty Ecommerce Website

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s embarking on a beauty ecommerce website then you’ll want to have a good supplier like Asian beauty wholesale. However, if you don’t have enough capital to run your own supplies, one way to increase your online beauty shop’s growth is to use affiliate marketing. This refers to creating a reward-based system where partners will promote and market your products for you in exchange for commissions or other incentives.


By doing so, this allows your product to reach to a wider range of audience members without relying on your own resources.


To find the right partners for your beauty shop, here are some tips to remember:


  1. Create a visible affiliate program link in your website


The first step in creating an attractive affiliate program is to first create a page that can be easily directed from your website as well as other links in your network. In this page, include handy information such as:

  • The terms of your program
  • The perks of becoming an affiliate
  • Payment details; and
  • Contact information for interested participants


All of which should be presented clearly and concisely. After explaining the terms, include a form where interested participants can register their details like their:

  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Specialty; and
  • Social Media links


All of which can be done by Google Forms or other registration software.


  1. Use social media to your advantage


Social media is especially helpful for online businesses who are looking for the latest trends and most talked about topics. When creating an affiliate marketing program, use your social media channels as a way to inform your followers by creating excitement and intrigue.


For instance in Instagram and Facebook, you can create a post that implies that followers of X company will get the chance to receive some very attractive gifts courtesy of X company’s own affiliate program!


Not only will this spark interest in your followers but can also potentially gain attention from non-followers if you use your hashtags right.


  1. Create an email marketing campaign


Another way to gain traction in finding the right affiliates and partners is to create an email marketing campaign. This involves creating and sending informative emails to current and potential customers and clients. All of which can be presented in a form of an interactive newsletter where you provide a brief summary of your new affiliate program as well as a link on how they can get started. For more creative ways in starting an email campaign, check out this handy list of ideas to get a glimpse of what potential customers are looking for.


  1. Invite influencers and niche bloggers to your program


Many online personalities like YouTube beauty vloggers, Instagram models, and Twitch gamers often use their influence to promote and market specific products that best fit their image. When selecting the right people to align yourself with, make sure to keep note of their online reputation and see whether or not they fit your brand. Invite them to try out some of your products before offering them a chance to become an affiliate.


  1. Offer an attractive incentive program


One way to secure a successful affiliate program is to provide a program that not only benefits you but also your potential partner. This includes:

  • Providing handy marketing materials like banners, videos, and email templates they can use to market in their channels;
  • Offer attractive gifts to potential affiliates as a congratulations on their first sale like coupons and discounts;
  • Creating a scheme or a milestone map where higher value gifts are given to the ones with the most referrals to incite friendly competition;
  • Provide new and creative ways on how they can increase their traffic on their site; and
  • Tips and tricks on how they can mention your product in their content


All of which not only help your business gain traction but also assure your partner that you also care for their success.


  1. Join Affiliate Communities


If you have a handy list of affiliates already partnered in your business, remember to take care of them by making sure your lines of communication are open. Show your gratitude by paying them on time and letting them know you appreciate their hard work. While you are taking care of your current affiliates, it also helps to look out for potential partners by joining in other online communities. That way, you don’t have to let your guard down should any one of your current affiliates decide to stop working with you.




Affiliate marketing allows you to chance to create professional relationships with loyal customers, bloggers, and online influencers. During this strategy, entrepreneurs will also gain the opportunity to gauge knowledge on what kind of people are most likely going to buy their products which is very useful for future marketing plans.


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