How to Find Out the Best SEO Packages for Your Website!

Before Choosing the, You Need a Proper Audit! 

Every agency on the internet has several SEO packages that they offer to their potential clients. But most people are not good at SEO because it is a very complex field. So, they do not know which package they need. Most of the time, people make one of two choices. They choose what they believe they need. Or they listen to the agency and pick the packages recommended by the agency. Both of these choices can be bad. The first alternative may not produce the results that you expect because your website needs something else. While the second one is based on the goodwill of the agency. And like in any other industry, not all agencies want to produce the best results for you. Many of them will try to produce the minimum amount acceptable by you. They will not strive to get the best for each client. 

But there is a method that can be used to ensure that you make the right choice and get the best results out of your investment. That solution is an SEO audit. It is the best way to find out what are the needs of your website. So, you should search for agencies that recommend you to use this service before choosing the package that you desire. And the agency that does this will strive to find the best alternative for you and produce the best results. But you also need to make sure that the agency provides a high-quality audit. You wonder how a proper one looks like? Well, several factors must be included to be considered a proper audit. 

 Business Assessment.

This part of the audit looks at your business model as a whole. It must determine what makes your business unique and what are the parts that can be successfully used in the SEO packages. It must have the goals of improving your SEO results and the overall marketing results of your company. For example, the brand values of the company and the level of trustworthiness that it has in the industry. Both of these are essential factors that any company should take into consideration. 

Competitors and keywords Research.

This part can sometimes be combined with the first one. But it can also be determined separately. After a business assessment, the agency should do keywords research to determine the best alternatives for your company. And competitor research for these keywords to search for methods that can be used to win the competition for ranks. Although the main focus of your SEO campaigns must be the improvement of your website. But you should not ignore your competition entirely. 

Technical Website Evaluation.

The next parts of the audit will focus on your website SEO. Beginning with the technical state of your website. The agency will search for the errors and problems that may cause your visitors difficulties in visiting and surfing your website. Not only will search engines penalize your site for these. But your potential customers will start to lose trust in your company if there are too many errors. So, you need to ensure that the audit offered by an agency covers the technical part of your website.  

Content Relevancy Review.

The content used on your website must also be checked. It is your main tool for attracting visitors and converting them into leads and customers. For this reason, the agency must ensure that it has a high quality. Firstly, it must be original. Otherwise, it will negatively affect your website. Secondly, it must be informative. Informative content has many uses. It can gain the trust of the viewers as well as improving your brand image. And thirdly, it must be entertaining. It does not matter how useful a piece of content is, but if most readers will fall asleep while reading, then its quality is still not considered high. 

Retrospective Backlink History.

The backlink history of your website is essential information that will help the agency determine your SEO efforts and the results of these efforts. They will find out what strategies work for your website or which one does not work. It will help them to create better strategies and methods for your website. For this reason, an audit must also check this part. And it must provide as much information as possible about your business

Based on the Results from the Audit You Can Find the Best SEO Packages for You! 

Now that you have all information that you may need about your website, it is time to find the best SEO packages for your company. If you found a reliable agency, then they will offer you the alternatives that are most suited for your website. If they do not have any preexisting packages that meet your needs, then a personalized plan can be created. SEO can be separated into three parts, and each one can have different methods that can be suited for your company. So, what are the alternatives that you have? 

Technical SEO 

The first part of the audit must check everything about the technical SEO of your website. This part of the plan needs to take care of all the technical errors and problems on your website. But it must also ensure that you will not make these mistakes in the future. There are two alternatives to accomplish this. 


The first alternative is to give the agency control over your website and let the experts deal with all the problems themselves.  


If you can’t trust others with access to your website, then you can choose to be guided by the agency and solve the problems yourself. 

On-site SEO 

The content of your website falls into this category. The agency will find which parts of your website produce unsatisfactory results, and they will suggest you change the content used in these parts or delete them completely. If a rewrite cannot be done with the potential of increasing the results produced by these weak points of your websites, the best solution is to let go of them. Otherwise, they will drag the rest of your site down. 

Also, a continuous upgrade of your website with the introduction of new content regularly is the perfect method to start your journey to the top. So, you will also have to choose from the agency’s offers to introduce new personalized content on your website. Of course, you must ensure that the content offered by the agency has a satisfactory quality. 

Off-site SEO 

Lastly, based on the backlink history of your website, the agency will try and get rid of the ones that drag your site down. While trying to replicate the creation of backlinks similar to those that brought the most results to your website. Using this personalized method will ensure that you will get only the best results from the SEO campaigns. 

Of course, a proper agency will also try some trials and errors to find new useful methods that may improve the growth of your website even more. An SEO strategy is not fixed. You can’t just create one and use it for the rest of your life. The agency must modify it regularly based on the new results obtained from its implementation. 

How Can You Find a Reliable Agency that Offers the SEO Packages That You Need? 

Now that you have the basics knowledge that you need to choose the best SEO packages for your company. You may wonder how to find the best agency for your website? Luckily, it is not a complicated process. The first thing that you need to do is to make a list with as many alternatives as possible. Next, you will check the websites of the agencies until you find the best ones for you. Making the list is the first step, and you can take care of it through a simple search on the internet until you find enough of them. Or you can get suggestions from other webmasters that use the services of specific agencies. e

Once you are on the website of the agency, you will be able to find out many things about it. You can see if it offers a guarantee for its services. This will showcase the trust that the agency has in its abilities. You can also personally check the quality of the content used by the agency on their website. Also, you need to ensure that it offers personalized services besides the standard packages. 

And the last step of your search is the results that the agency produced for its clients in recent months. Results older than 6 months can be considered useless. Why? Because many changes will happen in the SEO industry in this period, and the methods used than could be already redundant. Also, try and contact the clients of the agency personally and get a first-hand opinion and advice from them. This will ensure that you will work only with agencies that can make you happy with their work.