How To Find Love While Quarantined

The novel coronavirus has indirectly put restrictions concerning our jobs, shopping habits, education, spare time, socializing and searching for love. As far as our jobs are concerned, a vast majority of people have started working from their homes, they order groceries and supplies online, kids go to school online and well, the search for love has also moved to another, virtual level. If you’re like the many people searching for love, check out these online dating sites to find love even in quarantine. These online dating sites report a huge increase in their use since the offset of the outbreak as people are able to put themselves out there even when they’re staying in. And who knows, perhaps now, when you have a different perspective on the whole dating process, you’ll find THE one!



1.   Match


One of the best dating apps for finding love while social distancing is Match, as it has a huge user base. So, the number of people who you can talk to via this dating app is pretty big. It offers a few ways of communication such as messaging, chatting and posting Snapchat-like stories. You can describe yourself in terms of interests and hobbies, and these will be visible if you have a match with someone. All these features provide a basis for starting a conversation with someone. That means that you can mention something about the things you have in common, respond to their story, or just message them. As Match is not free, you will have to pay for it if you intend to message someone, so you can assume that people using it are serious and not there to waste their and your time and money. So, if you decide to go for this app, expect fun, deep, interesting and serious conversation.


2.   OkCupid


OkCupid is one of those apps that is quite open and liberal. Signing up is pretty easy. You need to provide some personal information, answer a few questions about your lifestyle and dating habits as well as set up your age demographic and sexual orientation and you’re ready to go. The app finds a few matches for you using the info and parameters you provided. A recent survey reports that 32% of people who met through this app had a relationship for at least one month. As far as the pricing, the app offers some free options, but you can also upgrade to premium features for a limited period of time.


3.   Tinder


You have probably heard about Tinder, as it’s one of the most popular apps for finding love online, especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This app offers some quick hookups in your area and that’s what normally people use the app for. However, in this situation we’re faced with now, Tinder changed some features. For example, it is currently offering the Premium Passport feature, free to all of its users. By using this feature, you’re able to swipe left or right on anyone anywhere in the world. The company explained that they decided to make this feature free as it allows its users to virtually transport themselves out of the quarantine. Apps such as OkCupid and Tinder both have options for gay people searching for love as they offer features just like any other gay dating agency, so this is a big advantage for the gay population around the world. In order to sign up, you need to provide your name, e-mail, location as well as to create a short biography and add some photos. When you set up your account, you can start swiping left (no interest) or right (interested) on all the people around you.


4.   Bumble


Bumble is an app that is a bit different than the rest of them. It is specific as women have to make the first step in heterosexual relationships while either sex can start a conversation in same-sex relationships. Users are expected to write interesting, creative and stimulating bios as well as prompts that will act as conversation starters. What’s more, matches expire after 24 hours, so you have to dive into a conversation if you want to keep someone in your queue.


5.   Hinge


Hinge is a perfect app for a conversation. However, you literally can’t match with someone unless one of you likes or comments on a photo or prompt, so you are sure to start a conversation with someone who has similar or same interests as you. These prompts act as ice-breakers and warm-ups for a conversation



Staying in and practicing social distancing have made some serious alternations in our lifestyles, including our romantic life. Luckily, we live in a digital age that offers us plenty of other, virtual options for finding love online, and we should use this potential.



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