How To Find Foreign Buyers For Your Export Products + Business

Finding overseas buyers can be a challenge or a drill only if you aren’t aware of it. If it isn’t generating sales from all over the world you need to think of ways that certainly boost or help. In the export business, your ultimate is to get more buyers or preferably business that can be the absolute profit.

If you are a nook, that is not a limit, here in this article we’re about to showcase to you those simple yet result-oriented tips that would help you find the foreign buyers for your export products + business. You might be thinking that selling powerful quality is enough to voice itself, however, for newbies, it can be no less than a task, in fact, an extreme approach to swallow.

Finding Overseas Buyers for Export Products +Business

While it can be difficult, it is also pretty much easy at the same time to find businesses or buyers that are situated overseas! Why, because there are plenty of creative strategies to opt for and apply. If you are really searching hard and not coming up with a powerful decision, below we are highlighting the proven tips that would prove to be, positively helping.

Robust and up-to-date Website

When it comes to persuasion, your website needs to be super-premium. From UX to appearance, show your buyers what your approach is. Make a professional site and apply techniques like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO. Use tools like Google Ads to show direction to the potential buyers.

Make the Visibility Better

How can you expect to get export products and businesses from foreigners when your website is not even visible? Making a professional website is not sufficient. To get customers or potential visitors, you need to work on optimizing ideas using Google Search Console. Manage your web’s structure like a pro by taking help from Google search console “but” the visibility should be for related customers.

Social Media Strategy

The next tip for enticing foreign business for your export product is the dominating social media strategy that needs no introduction on its powerful promotion. Reach your audience, customers, buyers, or business by the smooth social media promotions. For that, you can choose any medium or platform such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora to name a few. These are the most preferred social media platforms you should try out. One thing to keep in mind, not all social platforms are for you. First, keep you should define your business and then choose the platform that is closely related.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Websites

Another great way to attract those far located overseas customers is the B2B sign up.  You should to sign up on Business-to-Business (B2B) websites any platform that is reputed as “buyer-seller” such as;


·         Alibaba

·         DHGate

·         Indiamart

·         Global Sources

·        Made in China, etc

If you are in need of potential and serious buyers, search for the platforms that have many other people like you to gain authority. Signing up to the B2B websites isn’t enough. You should also link your website in your profile so that these B2B sites help you to sell your product instantly and directly. Even if you don’t get a sale, visibility to the wider gamut and international buyers is not a child’s play; you’ll likely get your sale sooner if you follow the rules. Furthermore, pick an online solution and make a daily-basis profile management habit. Create content that users find helpful.

One of the best platforms that I would recommend is which is a very good B2B website with a lot of buyers.

Look for Trade Barriers

While you are into foreign business strategy, some exporters can fall into trade barriers for some countries due to tariff restrictions. So be careful what country you are dealing with to want buyers from.

Email Marketing

Marketing is a powerful way to get your promotion and advertisements answered. With social media, you should also consider an email marketing strategy for more prime results. Send out newsletters, sales promotions, and exclusive deals and offers to your buyers that are overseas. It can also be over special occasions to show a more natural flow. Email marketing to find foreign buyers for your export products + business brings effective results with unexpected feedback (positive). Another plus point of email marketing is that it gets more response and visibility than that social media.

FIEO GlobalLinker

If you haven’t heard of FIEO already, it is the platform where sellers and buyers connect. Exporters set up their stores and make up a digital catalog. This digital catalog is accessible by worldwide buyers. With the international response, you have this platform for both products and businesses. Moreover, FIEO GlobalLinker incorporates AI to spot the potential business that is taking interest in your export! A tip for both online and offline methods of finding buyers overseas is to keep their culture in mind so that you sell more without making any trouble.

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