How to Find Affordable Cruelty Free Skincare

As the new year approaches, the winter season enters full bloom. Oftentimes, this time of year can exercise a negative influence over the skin.

Fortunately, however, therapeutic products like ointments and moisturizers might prevent such maladies. Moreover, those interested in purchasing environmental and animal-friendly items might opt to invest in cruelty free goods.

The Importance of Cold and Dry Weather Skin Care
During the winter, the skin is exposed to increasingly colder, drier air. Over time, said occurrence depletes the natural moisture skin possesses. As a result, the body’s protective covering might grow dry and flaky. If not properly addressed, the problem could manifest in more significant ailments such as:

  • Xerosis: This is the medical term for dry skin. As skin grows more arid, it can become inflamed, which could lead to untoward symptoms like pain and rawness.
  • Urticaria: Cold temperatures often trigger this condition manifesting in occurrences such as hives, rashes, and burning sensations.
  • Eczema: Also referred to an atopic dermatitis, this ailment causes the skin to become increasingly irritated and itchy. People commonly scratch in response. Said action heightens one’s risk of developing scrapes and cuts that could become infected.

Cruelty Free Definition
Cruelty Free products, like those from Jennifer Bradley cruelty free makeup are skincare preparations that were not tested on animals prior to public availability.

In many instances, the safety and efficacy of various beauty products are measured inside laboratories using animals. Furthermore, the creatures in question are subject to inhumane treatment.

In recognition of this fact, animal rights activists have championed the cruelty free movement. Currently, an appreciable percentage of companies have responded accordingly and committed themselves to refrain from using animals for experimental purposes.

Finding Cruelty Free Products
Unfortunately, not all skincare products were created using cruelty free methods. Therefore, those interested in investing in said items need to know where to find them. The two most direct methods are:

Conducting Online Searches
Interested parties can access their preferred search engine and enter cruelty free skincare products into the search bar. Said action should yield countless results explaining the companies that employ cruelty free methods and the retail establishments that sell such items.

Visiting Retailers
Those not interested in conducting research are encouraged to visit any skincare product-selling entity and inquire with sales representatives whether or not the establishment in question sells said products.

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on one’s skin. Failing to appropriately address associated issues could result in damaged, ugly skin, discomfort, and potentially more serious ramifications like infections.  Luckily, skincare products like creams and moisturizers might help prevent these possible pitfalls. Moreover, a growing number of these items are also made without harming any of the planet’s creatures.