How to Find a Travel Buddy Online by Livebeam

At Livebeam we think that building strong relationships is not a one-day deal. Some could spend years or even decades to find someone whom they could rely on. Yet, sometimes dwelling so deep is not necessary at all. For example, when you want just to wind your head out by taking a journey somewhere, you can find a travel buddy for this experience at Livebeam. And you can do it just without quitting your home as lots of everyday routines could be done online. Let’s discuss how to get a good companion for your trip with Livebeam.

  1. Choosing Between Relatives, Friends and New Buddies with Livebeam

Most often, people prefer to travel with their loved ones. But there are also pitfalls here. If difficult times have come in your life, relationships with loved ones are not at all pleasing, or you just need to unwind, the presence of a relative or family member while traveling can confuse all your cards. You will have to constantly wear the usual mask of a loving relative. You may simply get tired of constant contact with a loved one, especially if in everyday life you are always in touch or live together. After all, it will be difficult to have unbridled fun or to party hard if you are traveling with an older family member or spouse.

Moreover, for some people, the type of a trip could be a cornerstone that provides quarrels as one wants to relax in some luxurious hotel while another strives to go to extreme traveling. So, making family members your travel buddy is not always a good idea. However, you can try Livebeam and find your travel buddy there!

The same concerns friends. Some people even break their relationships after a bad experience on a joint trip. 

Whom to call in that case? Livebeam will help! There is a social phenomenon that claims that strangers could be the perfect travel buddies because they just discover you for themselves, knowing practically nothing about you, just as you know about them. And this makes the trip even more interesting. Have you ever faced a situation when a random fellow traveler on a train or plane during a trip became for you the best companion in the world? This happens regularly. But when planning a trip, the chances that you will get just such a random travel buddy in the transport are quite low. So where can you find a travel companion on your trip, so as not to get bored, share your impressions and just communicate without mutual obligations? Let’s give a hint – the entire global network is at your disposal and Livebeam too. Livebeam is your window to communication!

  1. How to Choose a Travel Buddy on the Internet with Livebeam?

There are several possible options that you can take into account when planning your trip.

  • Special travelers’ forums. These are places where travelers share their impressions, advice, talk about successful or unsuccessful trips. It is useful to visit such a resource just for the sake of additional information about the place where you are going. But you can hardly find a travel companion on the forums. You can also try Livebeam and find your future travel buddy here!
  • Local communities on social networks. Here, too, everything is quite simple. In your local city, neighborhood, or state community, you can ask if anyone would like to join your trip. It might work. But even here there are some pitfalls. It may well turn out that your unloved neighbor, a person unpleasant to you, or even a swindler will be your traveling buddy. At Livebeam you can also find someone local.
  • Online chats like Livebeam. Such resources are good in several ways at once, and let’s dwell on them in more detail.
  1. Finding a Travel Buddy in Online Chats: Tips, Secrets and Benefits by Livebeam

So, you are going on a trip and you are looking for a companion. You do not have loved ones who could go with you, or your relatives and friends cannot keep you company. But you can’t just choose a person from the street to play a role of travel buddy, can you! Then welcome to the online chat like Livebeam. Livebeam will always help!

Livebeam place was created precisely so that you can make pleasant acquaintances around the world, chat and possibly continue communication outside the Internet. How to do it? Let’s give you a simple algorithm.

  • Choose a reliable chat where all users are verified. This will help avoid scammers or perverts. If you are not sure which chat to choose, feel free to go to Livebeam, as there are only real people who want to chat with each other.
  • View user profiles. You probably have a certain picture in your head, what should your travel buddy be like to make you feel comfortable? We are sure that you have already come up with such an image. All that remains is to combine it with the information from the chat user profiles, and choose those who seem to you to be the perfect travel companion. Pay attention not only to appearance, although it plays a role, but also to interests, the level of sociability, character traits. For example, if you are an introvert, a flamboyant and expressive extrovert as a travel buddy will only tire you out. And for a hyper-communicative person, a trip with a shy and silent buddy will be real torture. At Livebeam you can always check persons bio and find out all the interests person has.
  • Feel free to start chatting. You can immediately declare your goals – there is nothing reprehensible in this. The sooner you will receive consent or refusal from the interlocutor you are interested in, the better for you. Or you can go from afar, and to begin with, communicate with people of interest to you on abstract topics. This is also a good idea, as you will be able to assess for yourself how comfortable you are with this person before you become traveling companions. At Livebeam you can start chatting anytime!
  • Don’t be sad if the first time this search fails. Thousands of people log into chats every day, and perhaps your ideal travel buddy was just busy today. But tomorrow you can find each other and agree on a joint trip. Try Livebeam!
  • Always discuss all travel details with your fellow traveler before you meet and start your journey. This will help you avoid awkwardness, define communication boundaries, and identify slippery spots. It is better to clarify in advance if there are topics that are not worth talking about, what type of trip your travel buddy prefers, whether it will be comfortable for both of you to travel together. Even food and music preferences should be clarified so as not to find yourself in an awkward situation. You can also write something about your travel plans at Livebeam in your bio!

Traveling with a pleasant person is a separate pleasure. Deliver it to yourself using online chatting, because the Internet is a space that unites like-minded people and erases boundaries. And online chats will come in handy in finding a person who shares your attitude to traveling, loves the same activities or even has a wide experience in traveling to share with you. Everything is possible when you communicate with other people via online chats sharing your thoughts and ideas. Maybe, there is a person who’d love to share your journey and who will become a friend of yours as traveling experience unites people. So let’s find a good travel buddy for you in Livebeam!

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