How to Find a Short-Term Rental Apartment in New York?

Sometimes people need to rent an apartment for temporary living. The reasons for that may be different. For example, they may move to another city to study or work, move to another country to travel and discover it, or separate from parents and try to live alone. 

Anyways, renting a short-term apartment is a big challenge that needs a while to consider before moving in. 

Renting a short-term apartment in NYC is a double challenge as many apartments here are co-ops, which do not permit short-term leases. Also, there are lots of scams that will prevent you from renting an apartment in NYC. So it would help if you double-checked everything before paying the money.

To save you from all the headaches, we have separated some tips to help you rent a short-term apartment.

1. Do some thorough research

In this technological era, you can find all your questions on the Internet. It is full of a vast amount of information where you need to dig more and more to find the best answer or solution to your inquiry. 

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of scammers and unnecessary information as well. So double-check each of your findings. If you have found the best short-term rental apartment and the price and accommodations all match your interests, don’t hurry to pay immediately. Check every information in detail, read terms and conditions carefully. Double-check the location of the apartment on Google Maps, and then consider renting it.

If you want to make the process more secure, consider working with an agency. These agencies can not only help you find the right apartment, but also give advice on finance. For example, they can help you do some crowdfunding research and raise money if you’re looking to rent an office space. 

2. Only consider trustworthy listings from reputable companies 

There are many ways where you can lease a short-term property nowadays. However, you should choose short-term rentals in NYC only from reliable licensed companies and trustworthy apartment providers and always double-check the leasing contract terms with your lawyer. Use the filters to choose the details and amenities of your choice, like the desired price, location, indoor facilities, availability, etc. Then choose a few apartments and investigate them further. Read each detail carefully and make notes to remember your listings.

 On the websites that don’t have pictures attached, don’t even waste time clicking and seeing the apartments as you might be disappointed with the apartment you might actually end up inspecting.

3. Contact the owner of the apartment

In NYC, it is not easy to find a temporary apartment, but if you have already succeeded and have found one that matches your interests best, then it is high time to contact the apartment owner and discuss details face to face. Here, make a list of all your questions beforehand, so you ask the owner everything. 

You can also make an appointment with your lawyer to meet the owner together. Don’t worry that you will annoy the owner with your questions. Most property owners will appreciate that you want to know more about a property before renting it. It shows that they work legally and are always in touch with you if something happens. By the way, the meeting with the owner will ensure that the owner is someone who you can trust.

4. Keep your money safe

Whenever renting an apartment in NYC, it is mandatory to pay rental fees. They might require you to pay the whole money at once or just ask for a deposit for the first few days. If you are renting for a short term, like a few days, you may be asked to pay the whole balance either with cash or a money transfer. 

Don’t pay immediately. Make sure you are not dealing with a scammer. Make only secure payments with a credit card. Use a closed system like the Blueground to make payments. Last but not least, require a unit contract and read all points step by step attentively. Moreover, ask your lawyer to help you in this process.


Thus, in NYC, it is a challenge to find a short-term rental apartment. Thanks to many platforms, it is becoming easier to find apartments in New York, but if you select only a few days for renting, you will probably be refused. Here it is customary to rent an apartment for a month but stay there only, e.g., ten days. 

The reason for having difficulties finding a short-term rental apartment is that landlords don’t want to find new tenants often. Besides, short-term apartments are more expensive than long-term ones, double the challenge of finding a suitable apartment. Anyways, you need to search well and filter the best ones to go and see. Also, you need to consider each detail spoken to the owner. Always ask for a contract and payment receipt if the payment is made in cash. Yes, it is hard to find a short-term rental apartment in NYC, but it is not impossible. Just be sure of each detail before payment.