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The literature review is a significant component of your dissertation’s overall structure and frequently occurs close to the beginning. It is a summary of recent works in the area of study that your dissertation will eventually fit into. Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll have the time, you should try to show that you have read widely in the literature review.

Your literature review should provide a clear overview of the entire area as it currently exists, detailing various bodies of literature and offering contrasting viewpoints on the key topics, rather than just a list of various writers in the field and their perspectives.

Though this will also rely on your dissertation’s overall structure and the range of material you have access to, as a general rule, the dissertation literature review should make up about 25% of the entire London Dissertation Writing Services. In any event, it’s critical to examine the following when determining your inclusion and exclusion criteria for each article: Is this relevant, appropriate, and useful?

In actuality, this procedure will guarantee that the evaluation stays succinctly geared to the subject under discussion. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to reevaluate your research questions in order to build a more confined focus on the subject at hand if you discover that the literature is either too scant or, conversely, insurmountable.

If your topic was the impact of natural disasters on stock prices, you would need to look into every type of disaster, additional market factors that influence stock prices, and the methodology used.

Immerse yourself in the literature

If someone asks what they should do first for their dissertation, the most common answer is to immerse themselves in the literature. What does this mean in reality?

Think of this phase as a stroll through the tranquil woodland interior. Your reader must understand which trees—specific theories, investigations, and lines of reasoning—led you to your conclusions because the focus of your travel is on your questions.

In this particular forest, there are several trees, however certain trees serve to indicate your way. What distinguishes them? Why did you select J’s study over Y’s and why was J’s methodology better? How did B’s argument defeat A’s, bringing you to C’s hypothesis in the process?

Think about Research Gaps

The research gaps are the areas where your investigation begins and the body of existing knowledge ends. To support the need for your study, you must demonstrate the following:

deserves doctoral-level research but has not yet been looked into.

Organize Your Findings

Form an Outline

If you’ve created a system for classifying the sources you’ve found, you presumably have have the basic framework of an outline. Even if not, it might be quite clear how to set everything up. The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple and avoid overthinking. The literature review for your dissertation can be organised in a number of different ways.

Construct the paragraphs.

This is why, as I previously stated, I believed that doing the literature review was the easiest task. Short, distinct periods of time can be used to write about other people’s discoveries. You unwind after a short while of walking along the trail. You can put them all together once you’ve written a number of brief pieces. You won’t need to worry about the chapter’s flow as you write each part because you can worry about putting the references’ jigsaw puzzle together at the end.


The literature review serves as an illustration of your ability to analyse earlier research critically and apply it to your own work. Avoid just restating what earlier scientists have said. Discover the relationships across studies, take note of where there is agreement and disagreement, and—most importantly—connect it to your own study. Keep an eye on difficult issues and don’t be afraid to give them some space.

justify the Process

Include some details on the procedures you’ll follow as well as studies that have anything to do with your problem. This is essential if you’re using an innovative or rarely used methodology because it might persuade the committee to endorse it. I’ve seen a few students struggle to convince committees to use their suggested approach. By offering references and examples of situations where the suggested methodology has been used, the committee’s job is made simpler. Additionally, if you do this, your reader will be more likely to believe the outcomes.


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