How to Explore Shanghai with China Southern Airlines Flights

China is already synonymous with adventures, curiosity, exoticism for all types of tourists. When we have to evoke this immense country’s great cities, we speak of Beijing and Shanghai. You can visit this populous yet adventurous city by buying china southern airlines flights which even 15 or 20 years ago seemed almost abandoned, frozen in the past century, and outdated. Today, it is a city in full expansion, in a total explosion where the buildings and the skyscrapers seem to arise from the earth day after day.

The economic activity is very flourishing there. Thanks to its location close to the sea, it attracts the population, whether they are Chinese residents, expatriates from all over the world, or tourists. Here’s a list of all the possible fun activities you can perform in Shanghai on your trip.

The Pearl of the Orient

The Pearl of the Orient is a television tower located in the business district of Pudong district. So named by Westerners, the building is often compared to a giant cup-and-ball. It comprises three main spheres of different sizes and culminates at an altitude of 468m. The tower has observation terraces at 263 and 350m above sea level and a revolving panoramic restaurant at 267m.

Temple of the Jade Buddha

It’s one of those places recommended for all types of tourists going to shanghai with their favourite airline carrier. On a side note, to get the hang of Chinese culture, opt for china’s southern airlines for your journey. It has three impressive sculptures that were cut from the jade that was brought back from Burma. This sanctuary has existed since the finish of the nineteenth century, and albeit the first sanctuary was annihilated during the Chinese transformation throughout the fall of the Qing administration.

The roofs of the temple are richly decorated with carvings and bells to ward off evil spirits. The interior is sumptuous with decoration based on shades of red and yellow, and the bands of silk hanging from the ceiling represent prayers.

The Maglev

They say you must not miss Maglev if you visit Shanghai! It is only found in Shanghai as it’s unique to China. The Maglev is a train in magnetic levitation; that is, it does not touch the rails as if it were levitating. It is a truly incredible experience to travel, almost flying low to the ground. There is currently only one trip, but when you know that it can peak at 430 kilometres per hour next, the journey only takes 7 minutes to connect Longyang RoadBus Station to Pudong International Airport.

Once you are seated, watch the cars moving at 120 kilometres per hour next to you, you will feel like they are moving very slowly.

Yuyuan Garden

In the heart of Shanghai is the city’s oldest garden. The Yu Garden is a typically Chinese garden where everything is in its place, no place at random in this arrangement intended to be faithful to the rules of Chinese geomancy. And yet, when you enter this garden, you have a clear impression that nature has been able to take back her rights and evolve as she sees fit. To discover, if possible, early enough in the day for a peaceful walk because this garden is quickly taken by storm.

In Point puzzle store

This place is for you if you’re an art lover and going to Shanghai with china southern airlines to fulfil your artistic appetite. This strange store specializes in puzzles; it is located in the Point Wujiang shopping centre, right in the city centre. Most of the art that this place represents is of Western origin, and you will find a lot of work by van Gogh or Picasso. This unique store also offers gigantic 3D puzzles that represent the main buildings of Shanghai.

Tianzi Fang

It’s yet another artistic place that should not be skipping in Shanghai. In all these little alleys, you will travel back in time: indeed, you will have the opportunity to see houses from the 1930s and art shops that seem to come out of a photo album. A charming area where you can walk around with a drink and eat on the café terrace. A popular place for locals and one that tourists should get to know soon.

Shanghai World Financial Center and the Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is even to this day the second tallest tower in the world behind the Burj Khalifa tower. With its 492 meters high, the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is best known for its particular shape, which has an orifice in its upper part, a sort of spectacular viewpoint open to the public. Other than offices, you can find restaurants and hotels here as well. There are three points of view, but the most incredible remains the one 440 m high.

There are many more activities and places that you can enjoy while you’re in Shanghai. It sure will be one of your most adventurous tours. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cheap online tickets to Shanghai as soon as possible.

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