How to Ensure a Clean Restroom for Your Customers

In the business world, impressions are everything. And a clean bathroom communicates a lot to a potential client, including if they can trust the business the bathroom is located in.

And thanks to the life-altering introduction of COVID-19, being a “clean freak” has taken on a whole new definition. More clients are now aware of the impact of the average 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on bathroom surfaces than ever.

So since keeping a clean restroom is pretty crucial for your business, what can you do? Here is your guide to ensuring you provide a clean bathroom for your customers.

Keep a Clean Restroom With the Right Products

Ever heard of the old mantra, “You get what you paid for”? The principle can be applied to cleaning products. Why?

If you choose to skimp on cleaning products, the quality will inevitably not be as good, thus reducing your chances of keeping a clean commercial bathroom. Offensive odors may linger longer with the cheaper products, so make sure you get the right stuff to get the job done.

You also want to make sure that you get the correct cleaning product for the correct surface. In other words, cleaning a toilet with a spray bottle of Windex won’t do anything. You may end up damaging certain surfaces in the bathroom if you use the incorrect cleaning solution, making your bathroom look shoddy and out-of-date.

Take the Time to Train

If hiring a cleaning company is out of your small business bathroom budget, take the time to train your employees. Show them what products are on hand, and how to use them. Don’t assume that they will know what to do just because you hand them a bottle and some work gloves.

Make sure to schedule regular periods of time to check up on the upkeep of the bathroom. Hold employees accountable for the state of affairs of the restroom, knowing that some inquisitive eyes will be checking on it now and then.

Keep Records

Time can pass quickly with small business management, and because of this, the restroom cleaning can go by the wayside. Make sure this does not happen with you by keeping accurate records as to when and what was done with the restroom cleaning.

Hand out assignments so it’s handled on a regular basis. If you are worried that the bathroom maintenance is not being handled as it should be, look into some form of restroom alert offered by some companies. It can provide valuable feedback and let you know when something is off.

Make a Good Impression With Clients

A clean restroom goes a long way with how your clients view you. It can even make or break client retention in some industries. So no matter how great your business is, take the time to follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are keeping a clean restroom for your customers.

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