How to end a Toxicity relationship even if you are still in Love?

It is a big deal to end a relationship, especially a married relationship which is a very difficult thing for both partners. But if you have complaints like wife yells at me, you are living in a toxic relationship then it is much better to quit such married life. Marriage is an affair meant for bringing happiness to you and if it is bringing only toxicity to your mental peace then it is better to end such relation. Here are the best ways you can end a toxic relationship smoothly. 

Why it is important to end a toxic relationship?

If you are living in a toxic relationship it is only going to bring disturbance in your life. You will not be able to accomplish the tasks related to your job when living in such relation. More success and growth in your career are impossible when you do not have a good atmosphere at home. So it is a very important step to take to finish a relationship if it is getting worst every day.

How to leave a toxic relationship with strong guts?

Be firm and confident about your decision

The first thing that will push you towards ending a toxic relationship is being firm and confident about ending your marriage life. Think twice before you take this decision and once you reach the final decision do not change it at any condition. This is going to boost your strength in staying away from a toxic relationship.

Keep in touch with your near and dear

The next thing in the row is to keep in touch with your near and dear. It is going to help you to stay strong and get company when you are all alone. Talk to your family members, relatives, and friends whosoever you are comfortable with, and create a bond with them. It is going to help you static towards your decision to end a toxic relationship.

Prepare yourself for emotional upheavals

It is quite obvious that you are going to face emotional upheavals when you will get rid of a relationship. But it is very important to stay away from toxic people in your life even if this is the case in your married life. While stepping out from a married life you have to ensure that you are ready to confront emotional upheaval in your life.

Erase memories permanently

The fourth and most crucial step that you can take for leaving your relationship is erasing memories permanently. It is very painful to erase all those memories you spent with your beloved but it is very important too. Just delete all the pictures, videos, and all other stuff from your phone that remind you about your partner. This will help you to stay firm on your decision.

Don’t chase your partner on social sites

The next step that you need to ensure is that do not chase your partner on social sites. When you have decided not to continue in a relationship it is best thing to unfollow your partner from all social sites. This is how you will not be able to see his or her day-to-day updates on social media. This is the best decision you need to take at the earliest to meet your purpose of ending a toxic relationship.

Manage financial independence for you 

The next thing that you should do for leaving a toxic relationship has managed a source of financial independence. If you are not a working person then you must be able to handle your expenses smoothly after ending the relationship. This is not a very difficult task to accomplish but at the same time, it is not that easy too. So make sure to have a source of income before you leave a relationship.


So this is how you can put an end to a toxic relationship. This is because you will not reap a sigh of peace when living in a toxic relationship. Some people do not end such toxic relations which results in a lot of complexity and poor mental health many times. So whenever you find a such situation in a relationship make sure to put it to an end. Living a life free of any kind of trauma and toxicity is the right of every person. So make sure that nobody is snatching this right from you. Many people are aware of these things but continue to be in such relationships. So it is high time for them to realize that they too deserve a balanced and peaceful life. It is only possible when they exist in a toxic relationship.

Michael Caine

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