How to Encourage a Healthy Workplace

If you want to keep people working for the business, we need to make a conscious effort to develop a healthy workplace. For the longest time, the burden of responsibility was on the workers themselves. Now, companies are introducing measures to help the health and wellbeing of all employees. While we don’t all have the budget of Google and their extravagant work practices, there are still some things we can do.


Firstly, there has been a surge in demand for on-site physical therapy. Many businesses previously were encouraging their employees to visit physical therapists, but it was never something that could be enforced. With a physical therapist in the office, you’re in control and can see those who are putting their health first.


You don’t need to be injured to visit a physical therapist, and this is a lesson you can teach with a therapist visiting the workplace. Ultimately, prevention is better than the cure, and you can help to reduce pains and aches, strengthen muscles, and improve the overall health of your team. Depending on your team’s size and how you want to integrate this solution, it’s possible to have therapists in for a couple of hours per week all the way up to 30 hours and more per week.


With this solution, and others we’re going to suggest in this list, the small cost is offset by the increased productivity and reduced sick days.


Secondly, we recommend partnering with a nearby gym. In return for sending several employees to the gym, they might offer a membership discount. Not only will your employees have cheaper gym fees, but they also stay healthy and even spend time together outside of the workspace.



Next, for companies that offer a cafeteria for employees, it’s time to introduce a healthy menu. Again, this is something that might cost a little during the implementation phase, but having a healthy menu will work wonders. If you can, get ‘brain foods’ onto the menu, and your team will be more effective than ever in the afternoon.


If you don’t have a cafeteria, an alternative solution would be to encourage employees to bring in their lunches rather than eating a takeaway every day. With a lunch club, you could even make lunch together as a group and get healthy.


In many cases, it’s actually a lack of knowledge that prevents employees from eating well, exercising, and looking after themselves. Therefore, the next tip we have is to offer training and education for the team. For example, invite a local dietician, physical therapist, gym instructor, or another professional. If you choose correctly, your employees get the information they need to live well both inside and outside of work. You should also consider giving them an ohs functional capacity assessment, this will also be beneficial to the team.


Finally, the last thing we recommend is office ergonomics training. Eating well and exercising isn’t going to undo eight hours a day sitting at an office desk with a poor chair, poor posture, and poor working habits. With office ergonomics training, providers like Corporate Work Health will actually assess your workforce and the environment in which they work. From here, they will inform you of the practices that are affecting the health of your workers.


As well as discussing these problems with the business leaders, training will also include employees in an engaging way. The training course will offer advice for sitting at a desk for long periods, dealing with back pain, and the things they should and shouldn’t be doing on a daily basis.


With these simple tips, you can encourage a healthy workplace to reduce sick days and boost happiness and morale!