How to Edit Family Photos on Adobe Photoshop?

Getting the right set of family photos is a daunting task and on top of that properly retouching those photos makes it even more difficult. Taking a good family portrait is challenging and without the right tips and retouching skills, the editing part would turn quite difficult and time-consuming.


To create a rich and realistic look for all your pictures without being harsh on editing, the best bet would be to make use of Photoshop software. With the power and intuitiveness of Photoshop, you can easily bring the best out of your family portraits. Thus, to create a memorable family album you must learn how to edit all your pictures with Photoshop software?


The following tips would help you in bringing out the most enhanced portraits and still life photographs with a balanced color path through Photoshop without losing any details.


Bringing out details in highlights and shadows in Amazon product photography


If you’re done with family photography, you can look through product photography on Amazon with these simple steps to follow on Photoshop:


Before beginning with product photography for Amazon, it’s essential to have the proper lighting conditions for all pictures. While shooting indoor an external flash would greatly help.


Amazon image requirements list that the image must appear professional and properly exposed to light. With a better image quality, your chances of sale become much better. Exposure can easily be adjusted through going to menu > selecting image tab> selecting adjustments tab> selecting highlight and shadows in case it doesn’t appear good. Make all adjustments in your product quality by moving shadows and highlights sliders.



Changing color in clipping path



Firstly you need to open the picture in Photoshop. This can be done by dragging photos to Photoshop on the task bar or by right-clicking on the photo and selecting the option “open with Photoshop”.


To change the color of an object you need to click on path’ in the layer panel. You’ll open another box. Now scroll down and later on click on square icon located right besides delete option from right. With this step, you’ll open-color path layer.


Creating clipping path – Open the pen tool by clicking on the pen icon in Photoshop toolbar or press the key p’ on keyboard. After the pen tool gets activated you can begin drawing the clipping path right on the spot where you want to change color. While doing this, you need to ensure proper care. After you’re done creating a clipping path over the image you need to close all anchor points.


Now press keys ctrl+enter’. This lets you select the path of area.


Choose adjustment layer – activate the adjustment layer by going in layer panel and clicking on circular sign from the 4th side on bottom.


Choose channel Mixer – After clicking on adjustment layers, you would need to have different tools. All tools are available in different forms after putting colors. While putting solid colors in the selected t-shirt, the best bet would be to use a mixer tool.


To activate the mixer tool click on the channel mixer tool from the adjustment layer box.


Adjust color balance – After you’ve selected the channel mixer, you would be able to get navigation boxes with a few sliders. With these sliders, you can pick up a color and adjust the picture’s color balance.


Press enter key after you’ve adjusted the image to the required color.


Cropping image for enhancing composition


Just with simple cropping, you can create a whole lot of differences. Cropping is often the very first step before beginning with all retouching steps. Doing it beforehand lets you sort out all unnecessary components and lay a great focus on the subject. This creates much more drama to get maximum impact.


With a look at the picture, you would say that it already appears at its best and there isn’t any need to follow any other step. But, with the proper use of crop tool, you can considerably get improved quality for your compositions with a much tighter crop on faces that help in emphasizing on facial features.


Maintaining color balance


The quickest possible way to adjust color balance is to select images’>choose adjustments’>and go to variations. With such auto function, you can easily select from different color variations.


This can also be done through color balance option:

1. Open the picture with a duplicate image.
2. Select image>select adjustments’ >and select color balance’ (or ctrl – B).
3. You can simply use such sliders for manipulating color families inside the picture. You need to be sure to check next for “previewing” so that you’re instantly able to notice any outcomes while making all necessary adjustments.


Keeping images sharp


This step is often overlooked and people end up with blurry edges on their photos. You can sharpen images with Unsharp Mask. (The process isn’t contradictory)

After making all necessary edits select filter, now click on sharpen’, and select unsharp mask’. Make slider adjustments till you’ve got the desired effect. You need to be careful not to over-sharpen while creating edge glows around people or objects in the picture.


Increase exposure in dark family portraits


It seems quite obvious to select the function of Brightness/contrast’ to get extra light in the picture. However, levels adjustment layer is also useful with better flexibility.
Open the picture with a duplicate image.


Click on image’, choose adjustments’, then select levels’ (or Ctrl-L). You can select have grey slider to left for a gradually brightening picture. Shift slider towards left if you wish to have higher contrast.


Whether you’re worried about the quality of family portraits or are looking forward to have a stock image gallery of Amazon worthy image, you can use these tricks and tips to build a more superior and fine image.


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