How to Earn on Poshmark? A Guide to Make Money…!

If you are new to the Poshmark community and have not yet figured how to earn on Poshmark, this is the guide for you! Resale fashion and the trend of luxury goods has increased over the years. Poshmark, with its 50 million users and 5 million active sellers, is a platform that allows the buying and selling of different items including, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.


Many Poshmark users have started selling on the platform to earn an additional stream of revenue. However, some have turned it into a full-time business and might surprise you with the amount of money they are earning.


Gear Up! Let’s examine the most successful ways of how to earn on Poshmark.


  1. The Source, List, Repeat phenomenon


For any Poshmark seller to be profitable he must source items at the lowest cost possible. Therefore, frequent trips to different garage sales and thrift stores are a successful way to purchase stock at cheaper prices.


Similarly, sellers should focus on making their listings attention-grabbing. Perfectly staged pictures and provision of extensive details, of the items is a vital contributing factor. Posting and updating listings regularly helps sellers attract more customers. Therefore, frequently posting items increases the seller’s chances of selling and earning.


  1. Be honest in your dealings


It is highly important to earn and maintain customer loyalty on Poshmark. Selling merchandise to repeat customers is the most proficient way of earning. Hence, Poshmark sellers should refrain from misleading customers regarding items. They should notify the customers about any defects or damages in the item. The descriptions accompanying different items should be accurate. Moreover, being honest will lead to customer satisfaction and also increase the seller’s ratings.


  1. Take advantage of Poshmark Bots to share items in Posh Parties

Posh Parties are virtual shopping events that are hosted by different ambassadors on Poshmark. These parties follow a theme and sellers can use a Poshmark automation bot to share their items to increase chances of selling. These bots help sellers in listing and sharing multiple items in shorter time spans. Posh Parties are an effective way to find new followers and customers, to increase your customer base.


  1. Post and Self-share items at specific times

Data shows that people usually indulge in online shopping during nighttime. Hence, sellers should excessively post and list items at night, to increase their chances of getting noticed. People in the United States, actively shop online during the weekends. Therefore, sellers should try to optimize this opportunity by self-sharing their listings, posting new things, etc. to sell and earn more.


  1. Stock items that are in demand


Seller’s should focus on stocking brands that are trending amongst customers. The likelihood of selling and earning increases when customers find brands that are frequently sought-after. A recent survey showed that brands that have a strong resale value include Ray-ban, Kate Spade, Nike, Rag and Bone, etc.


  1. Curate different styles for Customers

To increase the chances of selling, customers must have clarity regarding all the specifications of the product. Another good way of guaranteeing a sale is to show products being worn by a model or a mannequin. Sellers should accessorize the item to make it look more desirable. Moreover, they can give their own opinions regarding what other items will complement the product, to help buyers understand the complete functionality of the item.


I hope this guide will help you understand how to earn on Poshmark. The Source is here. GOOD LUCK! J

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