How To Drive Safely Near Tractor Trailers And Avoid Accidents

On Monday afternoon, April 24, 2017, four Langston Hughes High School students got killed and one got injured in a collision between two vehicles in south Fulton County, GA. The five students were in a Lincoln Navigator when it crashed into a semi tractor-trailer.

During the preliminary investigation, police said the driver of the Navigator ran a red light at the intersection just as the tractor trailer was about to enter the intersection.

Driving near a commercial truck or tractor-trailer is very different from driving near a regular passenger car. Accidents involving tractors are proven to be fatal and life impacting, especially for motorcycle riders, car drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Thus, in the event of a car accident, you don’t need to live a substandard quality of life, call your car accident attorneys for the compensation you deserve. But first, it is necessary to know all the safety tips to prevent tractor trailer accidents. Below are just quick guidelines to help avoid an accident when driving around near a truck.

  • Drive at a safe speed.
  • Don’t change lanes abruptly around a truck.
  • Pay attention to road conditions and traffic signals.
  • Let trucks have their right of way by slowing down.
  • Avoid driving next to a truck or tractor trailer.
  • Always use turning signals.
  • Never try to fit into space next to a tractor trailer when it is making its turn because it might just hit the car.
  • When passing, put in mind that large commercial trucks are much longer than standard vehicles and it takes longer to pass.
  • Never cut-off a large truck, especially if it needs to stop.
  • Maintain a consistent speed when passing and ensure that the front of the truck can be visible in the rear-view mirror before shifting in front of the truck.
  • Tractor-trailers and Trucks have huge blind spots which are the “no zone,” so it is important to follow the rule. If the truck driver is not within the vicinity of his outside mirrors, then he can’t see your vehicle as well.


For the driver and passenger of an automobile, a crash with a truck can lead to severe and even fatal consequences. Fortunately, car drivers and other motorists can use a lot of driving measures to keep them safe which will decrease the risk of crashing with a tractor trailer.