How to Dress for Your Age?

There is self-respect in dressing your age. A man grey hair on his head wearing very low length shorts at a party may look funny and awkward to some people. Or if a small kid wears an extremely expensive bespoke suit, then the older people might judge him. Both the adult and the kid are trying to reach something that they cannot attain. Even though there are no rules in dressing, but there are some guidelines about what is right for the people of your age and what might look funny to some people. An old man can order men’s sportswear online and wear it too, nobody is going to stop him, but people are going to give him an eye when they see him walking on the streets wearing sportswear.

Young men (Age 18-35)

A young man usually wears any style that suits him as long as he is going to own that style. Do not overdo the style and try to mix and match it with appropriate colors that may look appealing to the eyes of the people, and you do not look too funky to them. Do not wear shocking colors as it gives a very childish look. Try to vary your look. Do not wear the same styles all the time. Since you are at a young age, that means you can experiment with different kinds of styles and wear different kinds of accessories to enhance your young look. For casual clothing, try to wear dark-colored pants with light-colored shirts as they will give you an elegant look.

The Professional Man: (Age 25-50)

 In every man’s life there comes a transition point where the young boy enters into professional life and becomes a professional man. There is a point in your life where you are making life choices. You are trying different careers, going for different kinds of interviews, meeting professional people. In this transition, your fashion changes accordingly. Entering a professional life does not mean that you will have to go for high-waisted stretch pants and tweed jackets. Raise the standards of your dressing instead of raising your pants, use dark-colored pants more often with light-colored shirts. Take a couple of textured sports jackets and add layers to your body. You can mix and match them with any piece of clothing, usually with the lighter colored shirts. Try to add pocket squares in the pockets of your suits, as you have hit the professional, so now is the time to pay attention to tiny details because people do notice these tiny details.

Wear shoes that say something: brogues, chukka boots, saddle shoes, or whatever other fascinating choices grab your attention. Sneakers and plain dark/brown dress shoes ought to be saved for playing tennis and conferences, not worn for the sake of entertainment. Try not to mess around with the fitting of your great business garments. Get them customized explicitly to you, generally, and speak the truth about the estimations. Depending on shedding those ten pounds one month from now is simply messing with yourself. At the point when you do lose the weight, you can have the garments balanced.

Mature man (Age 45+)

One of the delights of mature age is that you never again appear as though you’re making a decent attempt in the event that you wear a suit for no particular reason, or are the main man in a group wearing a jacket. You’re an old person. You find a good pace that way.

Easygoing suits are one of the underused delights of American menswear. Have a couple — in striped seersucker, plaid fleece, pastel material, or whatever else that makes you excited. At the point when you’re not in the mindset for a suit, go for slacks and a games coat. A buttoned-down dress shirt or a turtleneck underneath will be perfect for all occasions.