How to Dress for an Interview

Everyone gets nervous when they have a job interview planned. It won’t matter how many you have been through in the past, or how confident you are in general, there is still going to be some level of anxiety about the one you have booked. Whether it’s because you want to impress, whether it’s because this is your dream job, or whether you simply get nervous when it comes to meeting new people, a job interview will heighten any number of anxieties.


One thing you can keep control of, and something that, therefore, will help to keep your nerves a little more in check, is what you wear. If you know you are wearing the right clothes and look the part, you’ll be more confident in your interview, and it could make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you pick the right outfit.


Be Professional but Comfortable

A mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to dressing for their upcoming interview is to pick something they think makes them seem professional, but that is terribly uncomfortable. It’s good to look professional and give an overall good impression of understanding how you should dress for the job itself, but if you are uncomfortable you won’t come across well in the interview; you’ll be distracted and you might not even be able to sit still.


So you’ll need to find an outfit that looks good and that is comfortable too. This is why experimenting ahead of time is crucial; don’t just buy something or spot something in your wardrobe and assume you’ve got the right clothes. You’ll need to try them on, walk around in them, sit for a while in them, and make sure you can truly concentrate on what is happening around you. The same goes for whatever shoes you’re planning to wear too.



If you don’t usually wear makeup, there is no need to put it on for your interview unless you feel it helps you with your confidence levels. If you do normally wear makeup, it’s a good idea to think carefully about how you’re going to manage it. You might want to treat yourself to something new using a Sephora discount code, and again this will help with your confidence in many ways. Remember, though, not to try a new style just for your interview; you may not like it and you’ll feel self-conscious about it. Instead, stick with what you would normally wear and you’ll feel much better. 


Other Considerations

Once you have your general outfit ready to wear for your interview, there are some other considerations to think about. They include:


  • The Weather – If the weather is particularly cold or hot, your outfit choice may need to reflect that. In colder weather you may require a coat, or even a hat and gloves, so be prepared to have these items. You can always stow them in a bag once you get inside the building and hide them away if they don’t match your other clothes. If it’s hot, you won’t need additional layers, but you’ll need to think about what you’re wearing all the same; too much thick clothing and you’ll be very uncomfortable.


  • Accessories – Accessories include your jewelry, your hair clips, and any extras you might be putting on. Check that these won’t be distracting or uncomfortable for you or anyone talking to you, and make sure they match your outfit. If you choose to wear a watch, don’t check the time during your interview, as this will look rude.