How to download videos from Pinterest step by step

Pinterest has become a hub of content in video format. You can get so much information from Pinterest that you can further share with your friends and family. However, going back to Instagram to view the video is bothersome and you might download those videos. But many times, copyright infringement issues can arise from downloading a Pinterest video and you cannot post, share, or send any content that violates someone else’s copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights. For instance, posting someone else’s content as if it’s your own is a copyright issue. Therefore, Pinterest uses the watermark feature anytime a video from the app is shared or downloaded. So you cannot repost someone else’s video to your account without the watermark.

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Download Pinterest videos without a watermark on PC

Step 1: Open the
Step 2: Now, open the video that you wish to download from Pinterest.
Step 2: Click on the Share button.
Step 4: Now, copy the link to the video
Step 3: Go to video downloader.
Step 5: Paste the link of the Pinterest video in the textbox.
Step 4: Click download and save the video to your device.

Save Pinterest video to the gallery on iPhone

Step 1: Open the vidoe on your Pinterest app.
Step 2: Copy the link to the video.
Step 3: Now, open and paste the copied link into the input field.
Step 4: Press the “Download” button and save the video
Step 5: The video will be downloaded to your iPhone gallery.

Download Pinterest video to Android phone enables users to download Pinterest videos without a watermark to Android phones.
Copy link in of the video from the Pinterest app.
Paste the link in the input field of
Click on “Download” and save the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is downloading other people’s videos legal?
No, it is not legal to download and use someone else’s video. You should ask the owner before using it for commercial purposes.

Do you need to log in to your account to download the video?
You do not need to log in to your Pinterest account to download any video. You only need to paste the video link to download any Pinterest video.

Do I need to pay to use is a free app. You are not required to pay any additional fees.

Where will the downloaded videos get saved?
Downloaded videos will get saved in your default folder in the browser settings.

Do I need to install any extensions?
No, you do require to download any program or extension. Our services are user-friendly and easy to perform.