How to download Reddit Videos on iOS with Sound?

I’ve been directing a lot of Reddit material to my outside-of-the-platform connections lately. While images from Reddit may be downloaded easily, you can’t do the same with videos or GIFs. Videos and GIFs hosted on Reddit are now limited by the site. And this makes sharing videos outside of Reddit or keeping them on your phone difficult. But there are a few strategies for downloading Reddit videos to your iPhone and Android phones that you can try out.

You may save Reddit videos with sound to your Android/iOS device using any of these techniques. Let’s have a look at all of the methods for downloading Reddit videos on your Android and iPhone devices.

How to download Reddit Videos on iOS

Using a Reddit Video Downloader Bot

A Reddit bot is software that may help you complete a variety of automated activities and chores. The bot’s command must be included as a comment in a Reddit post, and the task will be completed automatically.

Similarly, there are numerous Reddit Downloader bots such as u/SaveVideo, u/SaveVideoBot, and u/vRedditShare. You may use these bots to download and save Reddit videos on your Android or iOS device using them. This is good because you won’t have to download any third-party software.

The mechanism of operation of a Reddit video downloader bot is simple. Mention the bot in the comment section of the video or GIF you want to save from Reddit. In this scenario, I’m using the SaveVideo bot (naming it “u/SaveVideo” (without quotes) as a comment beneath the video or GIF post).

The bot will send you a message with the video download link after a few seconds (sometimes minutes), and it does so immediately. To view the video, go to your default browser and type in the URL provided.

You may play the video in HD or SD resolution with audio, and you have the option to delete it. You might also select a different song from your library to play when you tap on one of these buttons. Tap the button for the video’s desired resolution and size, then save it to your Files app on your iOS devices.

Using third-party apps to download Reddit Videos

The Reddit app for iOS doesn’t support video or GIF downloads. However, “Slide for Reddit,” a popular third-party iOS Reddit client, allows you to download videos from Reddit quickly and painlessly.

You may directly download videos from Reddit using the Slide for Reddit app on your iPhone. Follow these procedures to download Reddit videos on an iPhone with the Slide for Reddit app:

1. Download and install the “Slide for Reddit” app from the App Store, then go to your iOS device to save a video post.

2. After that, simply tap the video and then hit the ‘Download’ button on the lower right corner of the video player.

3. As a result of the action, a “Your video is downloading” overlay window appears, displaying the download in progress. It will subsequently save the downloaded video to your Photos app once it has finished.

This is the only Reddit-hosted video downloader that works. You may use Reddit Video downloader websites to acquire videos from outside of the platform.

Using Reddit Video Downloader Websites

I don’t like using third-party clients to access Reddit on my phone. Assume you’re in the same position as me and don’t want to use a third-party Reddit client to download videos/GIFs. For iPhone users, Reddit Video Downloader websites such as Redditvideodownloader, Redv. co, or viddit. red can be used to obtain Reddit videos.

Have these websites open in your browser, copy the URL of one video or GIF at a time, and then press save to download it. To download videos and GIFs from Reddit on your iOS device, do this:

1. Open the Reddit video post you wish to download. To copy the video post link, first tap on the “Share” button and then tap on the “Copy Link” option from the share menu.

2. Now, open any Reddit video downloader website in your preferred web browser, then copy the address in the text area, and then click the “Download” button. For this lesson, I’m using Redditvideodownloader.

3. After that, click the “Download HD Video” button. Then click the “Download” button on the pop-up to begin downloading.

4. You may now view your downloaded video in the browser’s Downloads folder.

5. To save a video or GIF from your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera roll, tap the “Share” button at the bottom left and choose “Save Video.”