How to Download, Install, and Set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

Have you ever wondered how QuickBooks regulates your accounting data? You may never get a minute to do so. It is because the accounting process is complex and time-consuming. So, people prefer not to put their noses in the working mechanism. You can relate it to the fact that the accounting tool relies on the QuickBooks database server manager. So, the process will also require some tricky process channels. 

Through this guide, you will learn how to install this server manager. So, here is the description of the server manager and its installation procedure.

What Is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

The database server manager is a tool-based framework that generates network data (.ND) files for the server. These files are essential because these act as a mode for information transmission. And the server management software does so to fulfilling the users’ requirements. 

Meanwhile, you must understand that the server manager works on a version basis. That says, a user cannot use one software for different versions of its accounting setup. Moreover, you can learn about its utility through the given parameters:

  • It permits you to run different versions of QB measures
  • The server manager ensures the integrity of the data transmission process
  • It is suitable for adding new clients to the desktop version
  • Updated versions lower the processing time 
  • It generates network data files which you can transmit for the further process chain
  • It provides insights into different cycles instead of misguiding through the software version 
  • The tool collects a database yearly, which is essential for the background run of QuickBooks
  • QBDSM allows you to add new clients to the deployed QB variations

Features Of QBDSM (QuickBooks database server manager)

Here is the list of features that you can get with the QBDSM server manager.

Folder Scan Utility

The storage of company files opens the door to file irregularities and data corruption. Hence, you must scan downloaded files before saving them on your device. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • First, click on the “Start” menu and simultaneously opt for QB Desktop
  • Afterwards, choose the QuickBooks DSM file in the QuickBooks desktop section
  • Here, click on the “scan folders” option to check folders containing QB company files
  • Meanwhile, you can also scan the entire disk to locate company files
  • Lastly, click on the “scan” icon to initiate the scanning

Drive Monitoring Feature

The drive monitoring feature of the QBDSM (QuickBooks database server manager) can help you update the server manager and company files. You can follow these steps to access this feature:

  • First, open “QuickBooks desktop” from Windows “start” menu
  • Afterwards, navigate to the QuickBooks database server manager feature
  • Here, click on the “monitored drives” feature
  • Lastly, click on the “add”; “remove”; or “rename” options to monitor local drives for company files’ requirement

Update Features

The update option provides you with the details of new versions of the server manager for your needs. You can access this utility from the QBDSM section of the QuickBooks desktop.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download Guide

You can download the database server manager by following some simple steps. However, the modification of network settings is the first thing you need to consider. Later on, the process turns simple and involves the following steps:

  • First, open the QuickBooks installer and simultaneously initiate the “installation wizard”
  • Now, select the “interface with the web” and consecutively click on the “next” icon
  • Afterwards, read through the product agreement and subsequently agree to the same
  • Here, click on the “custom or network choices” option
  • Moreover, opt for a particular installation technique
  • Followed by this, fill up your permit number and proceed further
  • Lastly, adhere to the on-screen prompts and finish the installation process

Procedure To Setup The QuickBooks Database Server Manager

You can set up QBDSM in a few simple steps. For this, you need to:

  • First, open the QBDSM file from Windows “Start” menu
  • Afterwards, scan the system disk to check for malware or data corruption files
  • Now, click on the “monitored drive” tab to update QBDSM files
  • Moreover, select the database server feature to identify the association of company files with the server
  • Later on, update the settings from the database server manager features
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to continue with the installation procedure
  • Lastly, take a look at the “system features” option to thoroughly review the entire process

Winding It Up

After reading this guide, you may have addressed all your server manager-related questions. Meanwhile, you can contact mathematic team for any query related to the QuickBooks database server manager

The agency holds expertise in the field of accounting and bookkeeping ProAdvisory. Thus, you can rely on its assistance for QB-related queries. You can also check mathomatic’s official site to learn more about the communicating media. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

The QBDSM is a framework. It creates a path for transferring company files to remote servers. This facility encourages clients to screen their multi-client framework. Hence, you can consider this facility as a resource saviour for file-sharing requirements.

Where Is QB Database Server Manager Found?

You can locate the server facility by opening the QuickBooks desktop application. There, you can find a dedicated section of the database server manager. Moreover, you can use this facility to address your file-sharing requirements.

How Do I Update My Database Server Manager In QuickBooks?

You can update the database server manager by proceeding with a few simple steps:

  • First, open the “Start” menu 
  • Subsequently, click on the “Projects” section
  • Afterwards, opt for “QuickBooks” 
  • Later on, press the “QBDSM” option
  • Now, you have to click on the “updates” option 
  • At last, follow the on-screen instructions to check and install the setup on your device

How Do I Resolve Server Problems In QuickBooks?

You can resolve server problems in QuickBooks by connecting with MamaFishSaves’ QB ProAdvisors.

What Is The Toll-Free Number Of QuickBooks Support?

The toll-free number of QuickBooks support is 18447363955 Read more.

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