How to download all your old Instagram photos and videos

Instagram is an application and social network that since its founding has had impressive success, it is mainly used to post multimedia content such as photos and videos also with this you can download your photos and videos with instadownloaderpro. What makes it interesting and perhaps the reason why it captivated millions of people in the implementation of frames and filters that make your photography look very professional?

Instagram is available on the platform of Android and iOS. At the moment, Instagram does not allow videos and photos of other contacts or users that you have added to your account to be downloaded directly to your cell phone, but you can do it from other media or applications like instadownloaderpro, we will tell you how to download your old photos and videos.

How to download old Instagram photos and videos:

There are too many tools present in the market that provides you this function; with the help of these tools you can easily download your old Instagram photos and videos. You just have to open your tool insert your Instagram username and password, after this tool will automatically send you the zip file of your photos and videos. But other than this you can do this with Instagram also

First, start with the other work, if you want that your future Instagram photos will automatically save into your phone then for this you have to follow the simple steps that are given below

First, open the Instagram application and go to your profile then click on the three horizontal lines that are present on the upper right corner

After this got the settings, then account and click on the original photos for iOS and if you are using Android then click on the original posts

Here you can opt-in or out of automatically Instagram saving photos and videos that you take from the Instagram’s feed camera

Now if you are going to take and edit photos and videos within the Instagram then it will be automatically saved into your phone

Steps to download Instagram data including photos and videos:

  • First, you have to open your Instagram and go to your profile
  • Now click on the three little horizontal lines that are present upper right corner
  • Go to the settings
  • After this click on the privacy and security
  • Scroll down and select download data that is present under the data and history
  • After selecting it you have to enter your email address and request to download the complete data including photos, videos, comments, and all information

You can download all your data with the help of desktop, for this all the steps are given below

  • First, open the Instagram website on your computer
  • Now go to your Instagram profile
  • Select the settings option and here click on the privacy and security
  • Scroll down to the data download section and select the option named as request download

Remember that this process will take up to 48 hours and after that time Instagram will emailed you your all data including photos, videos, and every information. According to some users, this process will take an