How to Do Workout without Leaving Your Bed?

Many of us usually plan to do a workout in the morning, but when the time comes, we never want to leave our bed. Instead, we plan to do that in the evening. However, here is the solution, you can stay in your bed and can still do workouts.

Wondering how?

So, here mentioning the top workouts you can do while being in bed. Besides this, if you want to know more about workouts and diet plans, visit Casa Grande Blog.

1.     V-Up:

V-up is the best consideration for working out your abs, buts and stretching. What you need to do is to lie on your back, leaving space behind your arms. Extend your arms overhead, and legs should be straight in front of you. Then at the same time, lift your lower and upper body and meet your hands with your toes. Lower down and then do that again for 15 reps.

2.     Butterfly Bridges:

Bent your knees then lie down and open your knees while placing feet together. It would be like the wings of a butterfly. Press your hands into the mattress and keep your arms by your side. Lift your hips and drive your feet into the bed and still keep the knees position widens. Lower down then push your hips again. Try to do this for 20 to 30 times.

3.     Glute Bridges:

For your total body stretching, you need to bend your knees while lying on your back and keep your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips by exhaling and squeezing your abs alongside, press your heels into the bed. Then, lower down your body. Do this glute bridges for 15 to 20 reps.

4.     Planks:

It is best for your muscles and abs. And yes, planks are possible while being in your bed, for more details regarding this visit our blogging website. What you need to do is to roll over your stomach while keeping your elbows below your shoulders, keep your forearms in mattress in a flat position. After taking place, hold your body upside in the air in a usual plank position for 30 to 60 seconds.

5.     Baby Pose:

For this, you again need to lie on your back, drawing your knees towards your chest. Hold your feet with your both hands. While keeping your body firm in bed, begin opening your knees widely alongside, draw your soles in an upward direction. Your knees should be perpendicular to the floor. Hold your body into this position for approximately 30 seconds.

These are some of the workouts you can easily do while being in your bed. Leaving your bed is difficult but doing these workouts is not that much. So to maintain your body consider these workouts.

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