How To Do SEO Like The Pros | SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic


Search engine optimization is a great way to get more visitors to your website, but it’s by no means an easy task.

Gone are the days where you could simply bang a page together and it would pop in Google. Now it takes strategy, skill, and a whole lot of patience.

The last of those 3 is down to you as the individual, but the first two (skill and strategy) can be copied from the professionals. Here’s what they believe is important when it comes to SEO in Google.

Bernadette Coleman of Advice Local

Bernadette, the CEO of Advice Local is a strong believer in creating high-quality content that is designed for the reader and optimized for local customers. She is also keen on adding well-formatted schema markup to websites to help local businesses rank in Google.

Sean Si of SEO Hacker

Sean has been quoted various times stating that the first step to their SEO strategy is performing thorough keyword research and identifying the best keywords to rank for. After they know what they’re going after, the team then gets producing high-quality content and building backlinks.

Craig Campbell of Craig Campbell SEO

Craig Campbell, one of the most well known SEO‚Äôs in the industry is a strong advocate for on-site optimizations such as internal linking, schema markup, and targeting pages with well researched keywords. He’s also keen on building backlinks to increase rankings.

Rachel Meyer of Infusionsoft

Rachel has often stated that fixing technical SEO issues are one of the most important things to be focusing on at the moment. She has found that improving the user experience and following best practices has gained them higher traffic and also strongly recommends focusing on a good internal linking structure.

Dan Jones of On Top Marketing

Dan believes keyword research is the foundation of any SEO project and has often mentioned using the intent of the keyword in the qualifying process. He’s also keen on creating high-quality content that ranks in Google and converts visitors into customers.

Shelly Fagin of Highly Searched

Shelly is another well-respected SEO who is keen on fixing technical SEO issues on a website. She has often spoken about the importance of having a mobile-friendly website and has found great success performing keyword gap analysis.

James Svoboda of WebRanking

James has often stated that high quality content is one of the most important things to his search engine optimization campaigns. He’s also very keen on performing in-depth keyword research and finding gaps where competitors are ranking for keywords his clients haven’t yet targeted.


Having Now read through what the SEO professionals are doing to achieve good rankings in Google nowadays, you may have noticed that there are some fairly consistent things they are reporting worth spending time on.

Learn from their success and start working on getting your business ranked higher in Google today!

Sunil Kumarr

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