How to do maternity glam in 2022 the right way

Maternity dressing has never been so raw and unapologetic as we see today. Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Sonam Kapoor and Beyonce, maternity glam is actually embracing the power bump as it is. Not to forget the unforgettable maternity fashion as seen on The Cannes Film Festival.

Gone are the days of perceiving maternity fashion as “unstylish,” the narrative of motherly couture is swinging on the full maternity glam.

We are here to show mothers-to-be the right way to do maternity glam in 2022.

Comfortable Undergarment

Let’s begin with the undergarments. Comfortable and easy, a white pair of seamless maternity panty is a must-have in the closet. Not only it will ensure comfort, but will allow you to wear the most daring maternity fashion that is out there. Our pick is definitely from Mothercare’s collection of seamless panties. Avail Mothercare promo code on CouponCodesME

Bare Bump

If you have a maternity shoot and you are contemplating what to wear, then here’s the latest advice- bare your bump. Whether it is crop tops or cut outs or a keyhole like Adrian Lima’s Cannes look or Rihanna’s unforgettable baby bump statement, they all point towards one direction- the power of baring the bump. Women have always been told to cover the baby bump or keep it as inconspicuous, but celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna gracefully redefining showing off the bump has in fact, affected many maternity brands to get creative with maternity dress designs. Even Sonam Kapoor’s maternity photoshoot was an ivory white satin saree, draped in a way showing off her baby bump. This has become a symbol of divine femininity at its peak.

Don’t opt for maternity clothes

Here’s one  that is off the topic, but holds to many fashionable moms. Wearing clothes you otherwise wear (when not pregnant) is a statement in itself. Mum-to-be’s are opting for clothes that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. While some choose crop tops and trousers, there are others in power suit sets, loose shirts and stretchy leggings. 


Skin care during pregnancy is another ball game altogether. You may have already consulted your doctor and you are aware that certain daily skin care routines especially for acne-prone skin are not safe during pregnancy. So the best thing to do is turn to safe vitamins to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Vitamin A is not recommended during pregnancy because when absorbed in skin it turns to retinol. It may help with fine lines and acne but retinoids is proved to have been linked to birth defects on high consumption. Best to avoid during pregnancy. Safe vitamins include Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B3, and Green Tea. There are many pregnancy-safe cosmetics brands and you can check those out on Soukcare. 


Unlike some skin care products that are harmful, makeup is safe during pregnancy. Avoid parabens and phthalates, and you are good to go. A pink blush enhances the pregnancy glow. You can try experimenting with contact lenses provided you do not have new eye prescription, as eyesight vision is not exactly normal. But cosmetic lenses are safe to use and that can add a maternity glam like never before. Soukcare also houses beautiful and unique contact lenses, you can check those out. Find Soukcare promo codes here.

Say yes to heels sometimes

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy, you can flaunt heels. Doctors recommend wearing comfortable shoes and flats to avoid pressure and injuries. However, on certain days of glam, especially in the first trimester, you can safely wear heels that are evenly distributed. Best to avoid stilettos as thinner heels provide less support to the body. 

Maternity purchases are not going to be needed forever, so you do not need to splurge to keep your glam on. This is the time of celebration as your body changes every day for the sake of new life. Be your authentic self, take care and wear what is comfortable to you.