How to do good construction work? Follow these 3 steps

I will give you some tips on how to do good construction jobs. Remember that if you are good at your job, more clients will call you to do all their construction work.

First step: good plans

It may be that you have a not so great location, but what you are not allowed to have is a house that is not safe. To build a house resistant to seismic movements it has to be with its very well designed structure.

Therefore, you need good plans, such as:

  • Architecture plans.
  • Structure plans.
  • Electrical installation plans.
  • Plans of sanitary facilities.

* Do not forget: the architectural plans must bear the stamp and signature of the architect who made the respective design, as well as the structural plans, electrical installations and sanitary installations that must have the seal and signature of the civil engineer who made the respective designs.

Second step: good specialists

To do good construction work it is essential to have a good workforce, in other words, construction masters and operators who are qualified and work responsibly. The specialists must have the necessary technical knowledge to carry out the construction work properly, since, if there are deficiencies in the construction processes used in the work, it will adversely affect the quality of the construction and, therefore, safety of the house. For this reason, it is very important to interpret the plans well, use the best materials and continue the correct construction processes.

Third step: good materials

The quality of the materials is another important factor in construction, since it greatly helps to achieve a solid and strong structure. If the house is not built with good materials, these over time can deteriorate or what can be worse, it may be that during the earthquake they do not resist.

The most important materials in a construction job are:

It may interest you:

• Iron.
• Gross sand
• Crushed stone.
• Cement.
• Bricks.
• Water.

Now we will talk about iron or steel since it is the essential element in the construction of a house because it helps in a notorious way to provide stability to the house when an earthquake occurs, thus preventing the house from collapsing due to the earthquake.

Irons in construction work

The irons that are used to do good construction work must have “corrugations” on the surface, these serve to make it easier for the iron to adhere to the concrete. In the same way, it has to be grade 60 in order to resist tremors, according to the National Building Regulations. Each of the irons is 9 m long, they come in different thicknesses and the most commonly used in a home are 6 mm, 3/8 ”, 1/2” and 5/8 ”. If you are looking for quality steels, then choose Abdul Rimaaz.