How To Do a Clean Install of Windows 10 Using USB Device

We often get asked about the clean installation of Windows 10 using the USB device, which is why we have decided to tackle this topic head-on.


Today we will share the necessary steps and details for the clean install of Windows 10. People who want a dual boot in their system can also use this type of technique. To proceed with this operation using USB, you have to create a bootable USB media using Windows 10 ISO file downloaded from the Microsoft website. You may have to create a separate partition in your hard disk using the disk management tool if you want a dual boot system. It is necessary for the dual boot operation. 


To prepare for the process of installation, you will have to change the BIOS setting to boot your computer from a USB media device. Be advised, only change those settings which you know for sure, or you may make the computer unbootable.


Change Boot Order in the BIOS


To do this, you have to keep pressing the F2 key on your computer while the system starts. It will open the boot options setup, where you can change the boot order. Most manufacturers allow you to open the Boot options using the F2 key but you may have to search for the key for your manufacturer if this does not work.


First, you need to change the Secure Boot/UEFI to Legacy, and you can do that using the arrow keys. Use your arrow keys to navigate on your boot screen where you have to disable the Secure Boot and enable the Legacy option. 


Then you have to proceed to the next option where you have to change the boot order and mover the USB Storage Device to the first position. It will make sure that next time the device will boot from USB device first. You have to adapt according to your system because most PCs BIOS settings look different. After you have completed this, restart the computer with your USB drive plugged in.


Install Windows 10 using the Bootable USB


  • Your computer will boot from the USB after you restart the computer, and you’ll be greeted with the windows setup window.
  • Where you have to choose the language, time and currency format and keyboard input type and then click on the Next button. 
  • Then you will have to click on the Install Now button, and the setup will start installing the windows.
  • Then you have to choose your terms and conditions and click next.
  • Now, you have to choose the installation type, and you can select upgrade and custom. 
  • Now, you will have to choose a partition to install your windows 10. You can create a new drive and install the windows on that one. 
  • After this, your windows installation will begin, and it will take some time for the installation. 


In between the installation process, your PC will start several times, so that’s very normal. Now, you are all done, and you can begin using the windows right away. You may need to activate windows after the installation process if it is not already activated.