How to Disable Firewall in Norton Security Antivirus

Norton antivirus offers various advanced network and data security tools. If you are searching for an antivirus that can protect your device from all dangerous threats then install and activate Norton Product Key. Norton antivirus provides you a personal firewall that keeps your network secure from hackers and other internet threats. Norton firewall keeps an eye on all the data you are accessing on the internet. If any malware tries to enter your network; Norton firewall blocks it immediately. While data transfer; this firewall makes sure that no one is stealing your data. 

Whenever the user clicks on any suspicious link; Norton firewall blocks the network to keep your device protected. But sometimes the firewall may consider a safe URL as suspicious and blocks it. In that situation, you can disable your Norton firewall temporarily to access that file. This situation mostly appears when you are playing online games. Playing an unreliable online game with a firewall will give you lots of warning messages and popups. But disabling the firewall can get you into malware attack. So whenever you disable your firewall temporarily; remind to enable it back.

Steps for disabling Norton firewall temporarily

  1. Open your device and click on Norton icon
  2. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
  3. Navigate to Device Security
  4. Click on My Norton window
  5. Click on Open option
  6. Norton main window will get displayed on the screen
  7. Now go to the Setting window
  8. Choose Firewall
  9. Go to the General Setting tab
  10. Click on Smart Firewall button
  11. Toggle the switch to Off
  12. Click on Apply button
  13. A duration prompt will appear on the screen
  14. Choose the duration
  15. Hit the OK button

If you want your firewall to be enabled automatically then choose the time duration. If you donÔÇÖt want that to enable it automatically then click on enable manually option. But once you access the website; remember to enable your smart firewall. 

Disabling Norton antivirus from Windows Notification Area

  1. Open your device and hover your mouse to the taskbar
  2. Go to the Notification area
  3. Right-click on the Norton icon
  4. Choose Disable Smart Firewall option
  5. A prompt will appear on the screen
  6. Choose the duration
  7. Hit the OK button

Now you can easily access the file. In case, the URL is still showing an error while opening that means you are trying to access the wrong link. Check the URL carefully and then try to access it. Something you can also get issues on accessing any URL due to the weak internet connection. Check your internet connection to ensure that you are using a safe and smooth internet connection. Norton firewall keeps you protected from all cybercriminal activities. Norton antivirus provides a multi-license subscription where you can secure various smart devices simultaneously. Norton antivirus prevents all malicious attacks. This antivirus program has various other security features like disable norton tamper protection, password manager, data shredder, sandboxing, device cleanup, secure cloud backup, RAM Booster, smart VPN, email protection tools for good data and device security.