How to Develop an Educational App?

If you want to start education app development, you are in the right place. 

When you think to create an educational app, you are creating something useful for people that not only help them to learn but also helps in making a profit. During the pandemic, the education sector has undergone the most radical changes this is why remote learning has become the new trend.

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement”.- Peter Drucker

According to the market research, it estimates that the global revenue from e-learning apps will nearly double from 2022 to 2032, reaching US$476.5 billion at the end of 2032 at a high compound annual growth rate of 7.1 CAGR.

Educational apps target both tutors and learners to create different e-learning platforms. In addition, a large number of people are using educational apps, despite their age, and background. That’s why Edtech is the fastest-growing sector. So now is the right time to invest in an educational app, this will not only bring benefits to enterprises but also to customers.

In this blog, we shall be discussing what are educational apps, the types of educational apps, and how to develop an educational app.

Let’s go!!

Online learning app market: Overview

Let’s start this blog by looking at the market overview

Before you hire an education app development company know the market size of e-learning then invest in building an e-learning app. 

  • According to the report, the e-learning market size would reach $1 trillion by 2027.
  • North America would have the largest educational apps market size in 2020-2025, especially the USA and Canada, predicts the report of markets and markets.
  • Edtech is growing at 16.3% and will grow at the rate of 2.5x between 2019-2025 states the report of HolonIQ
  • Statista reports show that education is the third-most popular category in the Apple app store with a share of 8.7%.

The above data is encouraging enough to start your education app development by hiring expert developers.

What is an educational app

Simply, education apps are software designed to help individuals with remote learning of any kind of subject. It enables and encourages virtual teaching which targets not only students but specialists and learners who want to master their skills.

Moreover, knowledge is a core of modern society and educational apps are one of the tools that give access to emerging advancements and opportunities. E-learning mobile apps are changing the way people learn and impacting the entire education system. 

Let’s look at the types of educational app

Workplace learning apps

These apps are great for improving the education of the organization’s employees. Moreover, these apps not only increase the productivity of the employees to train themselves via these learning apps.For example Lynda, Google primer and Evernote, etc.

Skill building apps

They help learners to build their skills in a particular area of interest. Examples: LinkedIn Learning, Programming hub, Duolingo, etc.

Educational apps 

The education market is helping learners to educate themselves on subjects and topics. Moreover, these apps are also helpful in preparing for educational exams. For example EdX, daily rounds, and Khan Academy.

Hobby apps 

Hobbies apps are the applications that are used by the user to explore and pursue their passion. Like if someone wants to learn a musical instrument, learn to paint, and can master other hobbies. In addition, these apps provide freedom to learn what they want and how they want. For example Sketch Book- draw and paint, Pocket salsa, and Amazon Kindle.

In the above table, we have discussed the types of education apps now you can easily develop an education app with the help of dedicated developers. 

Let’s look at some benefits of the educational app which include:

  • Create effective communication between parent-teacher and student-teacher.
  • Reduced paperwork as students can learn from video without any books.
  • A personalized training program is helpful for teachers so that they can design tests and share among students to better insight into students’ skill sets.
  • Better in-progress tracking  of students
  • They allow for sharing of information and for learning without an internet connection.
  • Students can easily learn from the e-learning app 24/7.

Moving to the next section, we shall be discussing how to develop an educational app.

How to develop an educational app

Before you start the education app development make sure you hire an expert team of developers because they will help you launch a successful education app. 

Here are the steps that you follow to develop an education app:

  1. Ideation

Brainstorms the idea and come up with a different business idea that no one is offering right now. There are a lot of educational apps that provide better learning. So, to stand out in the competition you need to keep clear about the niche you are offering to the users. So it will become easier for you to minimize the features and functionality in your app.

  1. Research

Research and Research Until you find out the way to keep ahead in the competition. A lot of educational apps are there in the market that provides better learning to their users and you are investing in something so better to go in with minimal risk. Market research is the best solution to minimize the risk factor.

  1. Hire developers

After conducting market research you can hire dedicated developers so that they can convert your idea into a business. As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to risk the quality of your app. However, you can find a professional team of the education app developer to work on your idea.  

  1. UI/UX Designing

Now make your app user-friendly by adding the best UI/UX features in your app. It will help your app to become popular if you have user-friendly UI features. This is the most important step before designing any app.

  1. Development backend

This is the game-changing process hire the best developers in the industry so you can stand out from the competition. However, it is the most time-consuming process to code so find the best developer that can lift heavy weight from your shoulders.

  1. Testing 

Once you are done with your on-demand app development, it is time for testing. Now developers or the QA team will launch the app and see the live performance of apps and lookout for bugs. After that necessary changes will be made and your app will be ready for deployment.

  1. Deployment

This process is something where you choose which platform it will be deployed. If you choose android app development services it will be deployed on the play store whereas IOS will be deployed on the apple app store.

  1. Maintenance

After deployment the work isn’t finished to keep your app running and bugs free you have to maintain it. That is why maintenance services are so important. 

Moreover, some mobile app development companies offer free maintenance services for one year so make sure you discuss this before hiring them.


If you are ready to launch your e-learning app in the market you must include advanced e-learning website features in your application. E-learning is in huge demand at the current time because it provides better learning and teaching platform to its users. 

If you want to know more about educational apps simply contact with mobile app development company.