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How to Design the Perfect Bathroom Renovation in Malaga

If you’re looking for bathroom renovations in Malaga, you’ve come to the right place. Lasting Impressions Home Renovations can help you achieve your dream bathroom that reflects your style and needs. But designing the perfect bathroom renovation is no easy feat. With so many design elements, planning and clearly understanding what you want before starting the project is important. In this blog, we’ll outline five key steps to design the perfect bathroom renovations in Malaga.

Have an Idea of Your Dream Bathroom:

Before you start your bathroom renovation project, knowing what you want your dream bathroom to view like is important. First, consider your space and room size when deciding on your new bathroom’s layout, style, and color scheme. Then, look through magazines or online for inspiration on how to best utilize your space and create a unique look that suits your needs. Also, consider any special features, such as a steam shower, soaker tub, or double sink, that you can include in your renovation.

Consider Space Requirements:

Take accurate measurements of the room and consider any existing plumbing and electrical wiring that may need to be adjusted or relocated. Plan out how much countertop space and storage you will need for yourself and potential guests and how much room you would like between each fixture. A professional bathroom designer can work with you to ensure all these elements are considered when designing your bathroom renovation.

Choose the Right Fixtures & Accessories:

Now it’s time to select the fixtures and accessories that best suit your needs. First, choose a vanity, toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, faucets, lighting, flooring, mirrors, and tile that complement the overall design of your bathroom. Consider both style and functionality when selecting these items, as they will be the main elements in your room. Be sure to consider how energy-efficient each of these fixtures is to save on utility bills in the long run.

Select a Professional Renovation Company:

Once you’ve chosen all the necessary materials for your renovation, it’s time to find a reliable contractor to help bring your vision to life. Lasting Impressions Home Renovations is an experienced bathroom remodeling company specializing in Malaga home renovations. Their team understands what it takes to create a stunning and functional bathroom that reflects their client’s style and needs. By working with a professional remodeling company, you can be assured that the job will be done correctly and on time.

Budget for Your Bathroom Makeover:

Finally, planning out a budget for your renovation project is important. Consider how much money you’ll spend on the materials and labor involved in your renovation and any potential issues arising during the process. Having an estimated budget before starting your project can help ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.


Designing the perfect bathroom renovation requires careful planning and consideration of many elements, from space requirements to fixtures & accessories. By following these steps and working with Lasting Impressions Home Renovations, you can restore the glory of your Malaga home with a stunning bathroom renovation. Investing in a bathroom renovation is an excellent way to enhance your home’s value and beauty. So get started now to begin transforming your space into the perfect retreat!