How to design a space with your builder that will grow with your family

Building a house is a long-term commitment. So choosing a plan that lasts for a long time is important. It might be challenging to visualize furnishing a house for two people, much alone four. So, it’s important to design a home to accommodate your expanding family from the beginning. 

You plan to raise your family in this house for many years, so it must meet your needs as your requirements change. There are some smart ways to work with your builders in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to create a home that can expand as your family does. Let’s see what those are!

Forecasted future room count

The number of bedrooms you’ll need or want should be your initial consideration when hiring builders in Melbourne’s northern suburbs or elsewhere. There should be a main bedroom, a guest room, and a separate office. It’s simple to convert a spare bedroom into a nursery, and a home office may serve as a playground or a place for you and your family to have some peace. 

Consider furniture or decorations that may serve multiple purposes. Feel free to contact a house design expert anytime to discuss your specific wants and needs for your expanding family.

Room for the kids

Extra space is something to consider while constructing a house. Having children necessitates the purchase of several items, including but not limited to toys (lovely clothing to put your even more adorable baby in), footwear, strollers, high chairs, and more. Creating storage spaces now can aid you tremendously later on when your family expands, and you’ll need more room to store everyone’s belongings.

Location of your residence 

Finally, location is an important factor to consider when deciding where to set up your house. Choosing a house in a good school district near a good school is important. 

The yard is another important factor when deciding where to build a house. You and your kids will have a blast gathering around a backyard campfire; a yard wide enough to run about is necessary. Several available lots have a sizable yard, perfect for your future family’s many hours of bonding in the great outdoors.

Provide several places to put things.

Everyone dreams of the ideal house, but there are several necessities that almost everyone would agree are essential. More space for your belongings is one of those characteristics. The rooms should be properly thought out and designed so that you can place the below-mentioned things in their proper places:

  • Toys

Toys are a favorite pastime for kids. But we detest having to clean up once they’re done having fun. Creating toy storage solutions for your children’s bedrooms is a great approach to preventing this clutter and making more usable space for years.

  • Closets

A walk-in closet has rods for hanging clothes and drawers for storing garments. So, always choose the perfect closets in your rooms to place your clothes and undergarments securely. 


A house is more than simply somewhere to sleep. The time spent there will always be remembered fondly. Professionals like MISR Residential & Commercial Construct would love to assist you and your future family in settling into a house built with your needs in mind now that you have some guidelines to follow.