How to design a gear motor for POWER TOOLS

A power tool is a machine or equipment that is propelled by a mechanism or source other than the human body.

Anyone who has attempted a Personal project knows that some chores take much too much time and effort to perform by hand. Power tools are frequently required to complete a difficult project in this situation. There are many various sorts of power tools, and some of them are designed specifically to meet a certain requirement. Electric power tools have a variety of advantages, regardless of their intended use.

The most typical source of power for these tools is an electric motor base, however, there are a few that are fueled by gasoline; nonetheless, this is an uncommon source of power and only pertains to garden tools. 

Almost everyone uses an electric power tool in their daily lives. These extremely valuable instruments may be found in practically every industry and aid in the completion of activities that would otherwise be impossible or extremely difficult.

Power tools list

  1. Ice Auger Planetary gears system
  2. Battery Powered Hydraulic cutting
  3. Hydraulic Plier
ice auger

1. Ice Auger Planetary gears system

Ice augers are power tools that aid in the digging of big holes in the ice. Ice augers are commonly used for ice fishing. In Northern Europe and North America, hand-held ice augers are quite popular.

Advantages of Ice Auger Planetary gears system

Some of the useful advantages of our Ice Auger Planetary gears system are as follows:

  • lubricating grease for low temperatures
  • 56mm gearbox with a 1:3.6K gear ratio. Not only can it sustain torques of more than 50N.m, but it can also improve the ice-breaking bit’s efficiency.
  • The 18MM output shaft fits most hand augers.
  • All 1/2′′ chucks accept the input shaft.
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2. Battery Powered Hydraulic cutting

Hydraulic cutters powered by batteries are professional hydraulic tools used in power engineering for crimping cables and connectors. In industry, general hand tools struggle to cut steel bars or thick cables fast, which is time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, our customers created this type of battery-powered hydraulic cutting to assist engineering personnel.


Motor Design for Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools

Our engineer examined the working environment for hydraulic cutting when building the machine. Under high load conditions, the motor must work continuously. It’s a significant challenge for gearboxes because if the gear isn’t tough enough, continual high-load work has a high chance of damaging it. As a result, our R&D group chose complete steel gears for this project. Furthermore, we must select a high-speed motor with a high reduction ratio gearbox to ensure sufficient torque at a given speed. Here is a solution designed specifically for hydraulic cable cutting tool users. Our products have satisfied them.

How to Use Hydraulic Crimping Tool to Crimp a Connector?

  • To begin, pull out as much of the hydraulic crimping tool’s rod as possible. Install the crimping dies in the crimping head and align the crimping surfaces of the upper and lower molds.
  • Reattach the rod to the hydraulic crimping tool’s head.
  • Between the two crimping dies, place the cable and termination.
  • Push in towards the fixed handle, making sure it is closed, and tighten the screw clockwise. Pull the handle out until the lower die is just touching the higher die.
  • Make sure the terminals and cables are in the right place. Then firmly crimp the terminal by pulling the handle.
  • Turn the screw counterclockwise to free the plunger and return the crimping dies to their original position after the crimping is finished.
  • Tighten the steering screw when removing the crimping assembly to prevent the hydraulic piston from leaking.

Advantages of Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

The advantages of the Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool are as follows:

  • High effectiveness
  • Effortless
  • Safe
  • Cut all types of industrial cables with a lot of torque.

Select a Crimping Tool Wisely

For every application, crimp termination delivers reliable and durable electrical connections. It’s crucial to realize, though, that the crimp termination is only one component of a larger system. The system is jeopardized without the proper crimp tool, and cable termination is left to chance. You may take advantage of the manufacturer’s experience and ensure that your cable terminations are safe and secure for years to come by selecting the proper crimp tool for your application.

3. Hydraulic Pliers

Hydraulic Pliers is such a hydraulic tool which is perfect for connecting copper wire and aluminum terminal interfaces of cable wires, as well as end caps and link pipes for communication. Petrochemical, metallurgy, and shipbuilding are examples of industrial and agricultural power units. The hexagonal restricting form, the crimping effect that meets the job requirements, and the side interface all contribute to the crimping effect. Crimp copper and aluminum nostrils without power using a hand hydraulic pump. An air pump is included in the packaging, which may be used to connect this mold.


  • 120kN output force
  • Stroke:38mm
  • Copper:400mm2/aluminum:300mm2 Crimping Range
  • Crimping time: 10-15 seconds each time (according to wire diameter)
  • DC 18V 3.0Ah Li-ion battery
  • Time to charge: 2 hours
  • AC100-240V 50-60Hz charger voltage
  • 16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm2 crimping dies
  • 7.5kg net weight
  • 16kg package weight


  • Control and inspection on-site; electronics with integrated pressure tests and instant error display without the need for extra equipment. Clamping head with 360° free rotation that can be used at a range of angles
  • Maintenance and battery control are provided through the multifunctional LED. High-capacity 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries offer a 50% increase in capacity. Easy to insert and remove the crimping tube, with a 38mm hole, and suited for crimping the middle connecting pipe.
  • After complete shrinking, the automatic retraction stops (ARS) at the correct location to secure many parallel crimps of the same kind. Press the start button to turn on white LED lights in the operation space for 5 seconds.
  • 16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm2 crimping dies Once the operating cycle is complete, the motor stop feature (Automatic stop) saves power. Hydraulics in two phases were stronger.
  • Temperature sensor: if the temperature exceeds 60 °C, the tool will immediately stop and indicate a fault to safeguard the tool from being burned. Once the temperature reduces, the tool can resume normal operation.


As a result of the preceding discussion, we can infer that power tools enable you to perform more specialized tasks and deal with a wider range of materials. These gadgets are dependable and deliver extremely exact findings. Finally, they execute the same tasks as hand tools, but with far more efficiency and with far less effort.

Our Takeaway!

We hope you find the information we’ve provided above to be comprehensive and useful. 

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