How to design a clean and modern website in Photoshop?

There are agencies providing online services for PSD to WordPress conversion. Arranging the templates in the correct sequence the thing you need to do. In order to use the Photoshop, you do not require being technically advanced and master of Photoshop. But if you want to design a page in Photoshop but you do not even know the basic things, it’s important to try with something easier.

Create a new document. First you need to make a document in order to crate templates and layout for your WordPress. The dimensions of the layout should be based in 720p resolution. If you need a webpage of 1100 pixels then you will require making the document containing the width of 1300 pixels and more. Well length of the document is based on the word count of the content you want to feature in that layout.

Turn on the rulers. The use of the rulers in the Photoshop is similar to the use of the physical ruler we use: to measure the length and breadth of the layout. It would be hard to find out the sizes and distances by just seeing by eyes and can affect the alignment of the final layout. It would be easier to use the rulers if you convert the centimeter ruler to the pixels to work as the parameter.

Activate the grid. This is a type of reference of a note in a cell. Vertical and horizontal lines will be shown in Photoshop. They would not be shown in the layout but are able to be seen only when editing. The proper alignment of the layout is very important to be look like a genuine website. When you activate the grid then you can easily place the templates in a proper formation. Well, it depends on the person because many people prefer to use the grid and some of them not. But if it’s your first time to make a WordPress design then it’s worth using grids.

Install the guides. Two guides are required to add in the layout – one in the right and other is on the left of the webpage body. The space amid them is considered to be 1003 pixels for the display of with a resolution of 720p. You also are able to use a different width as well, but extensive spaces don’t look well to view on small displays. With having the guides with equal width on the sides, the layouts and body must be in the middle of the page.

These are the initial steps of work. The real work of designing a WordPress theme layout in Photoshop depends more on your Creativity and imagination. You can customize the layout and the final page according to your imagination.

However, if you find it difficult and time consuming to make a WordPress layout in Photoshop then you are supposed to take the services of the best PSD to WordPress Conversion Agencies. You can easily find one online!