How to deploy a website in 10 minutes?

In this 21st century of technical advancement, everything and anything you want is granted. Similarly, the things that used to take months, weeks or even days to build can now be created or deployed in the blink of our eyes. All these advancements are the gift of how technological advancements have heightened and taken things to another level.

Websites or web applications are the ones that have become a crucial part of our lives. Every single search leads us to a website or any detailed study of an application. A single click has made our lives so much easier to trade with. Every child is now crazy about learning how machines work around them. Websites are no more mere links for fun, it has gone from just gaming sites to one of the greatest sources of income.


Before starting to work on any website one must know the bare minimum requirements of making the same. HTML is the backbone of any website. Any web page before getting deployed needs to have its design or its blueprint ready and HTML provides the same.

Styling web pages is another important task. The styling of the web pages is done by CSS (Cascading Styling Sheets). After the styling is done it is interlinked and added with some other required functionalities that the JS(JavaScript) takes care of. There are certain tools that are used for deploying websites. Previously it took a lot of input to deploy them. One had to learn the basics along with implementing the same sidewise again going for higher versions of the same and so on and so forth. 

But in this busy world, now there’s no time for learning, implementing, again going through the same procedure and in the end getting the outcome that has to be with errors. This world demands an instant solution just like instant noodles. And to serve this need humans have been successful at getting a solution to this too. Technological advancement has paced the race and is on the way to delivering the ultimate requirements at the very end of the second.

Web development has become one of the trending computer science topics of interest. Students from their college level started learning Web development skills to start a career in Web development. The craze roots in the time when students were made to learn HTML back in their school days. The ease seemed the tough it gets while diving deep. Today’s trending topics in computer science include this too.

Learning the basics of web development was very necessary a year ago. But with technology getting inclusion, this has also vanished. So many applications and resources are now available that are making the ease of deployment very easier. A non-computer science student now can build an app without even having prior knowledge about its development procedure and its functionalities. With just a few clicks one will be able to develop and deploy their own websites. 


Below mentioned are some of the available resources and ways via which anyone can deploy their websites within 10 minutes.


WordPress is one platform that allows any user to just land on their website with just a few clicks. The functionalities required i.e., starting from the backend coding part to the frontend part everything is already pre-developed. Any user can land on their own customized websites by just entering a few credentials as required.
WordPress is one of the most used applications used for deploying any kind of website in just a few minutes. Many start-ups or organizations that require an urgent turn-over from social availability go for WordPress websites for their work and other uses. This particular website has all its resources pre-defined and pre-worked. Any user can just go to this website and within less than 10 minutes the website will be deployed.

Although the revenue generation from such websites can be a bit difficult due to its inner algorithm, as a fresher, it can be a good start.
WordPress also provides tools for the ranking of the website. Search Engine Optimization tools help new users to learn about how to rank any website. The keyword planner also helps them to know about the accuracy of the web content. After the upload of the whole content of the website is done, WordPress gives out an overall result of the website, the errors present, and suggests the changes required. This feature makes it more user-friendly.


Another such method that is used to deploy websites is the use of Microsoft Azure. Azure is an application that works similarly to WordPress but is different. Azure has some predefined tools, and accessories by the help of which one can deploy their own website within seconds.
The drawback behind Azure not being popularly used is the fact that it can not be availed freely by everyone. It takes many tests or credits to gain an Azure account.
The azure tool is a higher developed version of the other tools that are available for deploying websites. Azure provides an exact proper way of deploying a website like that of a website that is created by coding the components.
Azure has some predefined Azure static applications that can be deployed within 10 minutes. Giving input on the required/desired look of the web application and within 10-minutes get your website ready.


The notion is another such application that serves the same purpose. Instead, that notion app also acts as a to-do list too. It is a ready-made application that helps users to perform, plan and regulate their workloads and procedures. The notion is also an application that can be used to deploy just in less than 10-minutes. Users can use this to create their own look of managing deadlines. It is one of the most useful tools that are available yet.


Then comes the ultimate and rough method of deploying websites just within 10 minutes. The most traditional way of deploying any website is by getting a web application from someone else. GitHub being an open source provides all the resources as and when required. Anyone can search for their required type of website and can easily find one on GitHub. Being an open-source tool, anyone can easily get the code used for deploying any website. So, one can copy it out and make some minor changes as required and deploy and host the same. It is one of the easiest yet worst ways of doing the task.


With the growing technology, everything is getting at pace, websites that once used to take very long hours of mindful coding are now being deployed within just fractions of seconds. There are many other such available tools that help in deploying the websites in just 10 minutes. Learning has got its new root ends, and so does its process.

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