How to delete instagram account

I was in a bar when I received the message. It was from my friend, who asked me to meet him at his flat. When I reached there, he said that he wanted to show me something important.

He showed me an Instagram account and asked whether it looked familiar or not. The profile picture was that of mine but strangely, a lot of my pictures were missing. I was confused and he said that he had hacked my account. Likes and views then go to our Website Boost Social Media.

I became speechless when I heard this revelation. He told me about the various kinds of Instagram hacks available on the Internet today. He opened his laptop, clicked some random links and logged into an illegal website called ‘Instagram Hacks’. He showed me the profile of some girl. She looked quite attractive, had around ten-thousand followers and had posted thirty-eighty pictures. It took me three seconds to realize that her account was hacked. My friend then clicked on the ‘delete’ button. Within no time, her Instagram account disappeared from the Internet forever!

How to delete Instagram account step by step detailed guide:

How to delete Instagram account? Is there any way to remove Instagram profile once created? Can I delete my Instagram account now? These are the common questions asked by many users. If you are thinking to delete your Instagram profile, then this article will help you with step by step tutorial on how to remove or permanently delete an Instagram account.

Please note: If you deactivate your Instagram account and re-activate it, all your existing data will be restored. Deactivated Instagram profiles do not get deleted permanently as of now. This option may be available in the future. You can deactivate or delete your Instagram profile by following below simple steps as on date (Nov 2018). You can follow these instructions on both the web and mobile website.

How to delete Instagram account on Web?

1) Go to your profile page on Instagram by clicking on your name or photo. On the top right corner, click on ‘Settings’ icon (represented as cog wheel).

2) Under ‘General’ tab, scroll down and click on ‘Deactivate your account’ link.

3) Now, you will be directed to a new page where it says “Are you sure you want to deactivate your Instagram account? If you deactivate your account: All of the content in your profile will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Your photos, comments, likes, relationships, and follower history will no longer be visible to anyone. Users will no longer see your profile in searches, tags, or in the directory. However, users may still have access to content that you posted to other services.”

4) After reading this message just click on ‘Deactivate’ button that is at right bottom corner. Now your account is deactivated and hidden from search results but your data remains stored.

5) I have already explained 7 reasons why should you delete Instagram so follow any of these articles if you want to know more about why one should remove Instagram account permanently:

– Why do You Need To Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently? – List Of 13 Reasons For Deleting Your Instagram Profile

How to delete Instagram account on Android?

1) From your home screen, open the Instagram application.

2) On the top right corner of your profile page, tap on ‘Profile icon’ (represented as three vertical dots).

3) Now, you will be directed to a new page with few tabs or options. Scroll down and under the ‘Account’ tab find an option saying “Delete my account”. Click on it.

4) After clicking on the above mentioned link you will get the following prompt message: “You won’t be able to restore this account or access any of the content or information you’ve added.” Tap on the OK button if you wish to continue.

5) Finally, click on the ‘Delete my account’ button and your Instagram profile will be permanently deleted by Instagram directly. Your account will be listed in the list of “Deleted Accounts” if you wish to check later.

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Conclusion: How to delete an Instagram account? You can follow the above steps if you want to delete your Instagram account permanently. If you deactivate your account and reactivate it, all your existing data will be restored. Deactivated profiles do not get deleted as of now but this option may be available in the future. You can deactivate or even delete your Instagram profile by following below simple steps as on date (Nov 2018). Please note that there is no way to recover an account once it has been deleted from their database permanently.