How to Decorate for Your Party on a Budget

Organizing an event can be a costly ordeal. Choosing the right venue is a central concern, but there are nifty tips that can help you plan a beautiful event on a tight budget. No one wants their guest to turn up to an uninviting and empty venue, so the decorations can significantly differentiate between a flop and a successful wedding or birthday party. Here are a few budget-friendly decoration tips that can help turn an empty venue into a wonderland.




Candles, lights, and uplighters can turn an outdoor or indoor party venue into a wonderland. Lighting elements such as candles may seem inexpensive, but they can make a difference. You can transform a space into an atmospheric venue using specific color themes. Candles are an excellent lighting option that can add some romance to a wedding venue. Fairy lights are also a low-lighting option that can make a space romantic.




One way to keep a venue simple and beautiful is decorating it with DIY flowers. These flowers can save you a lot of money on florist costs. Get old tins and jars and paint them before filling them with your favorite flowers.


Use Templates Instead of Artwork


Handwritten menus, name cards, and invites are undoubtedly lovely, but you can save on the cost by downloading free party templates online. The internet is filled with millions of templates for people who may not be a whizz with photoshop. You can find a design and edit it to include your themes and details, and print them on a card either at a professional printing shop or at home. The cost of templates can be a fraction of commissioning a professional artist for handwritten invites.


Decorate with Low-Cost Fabrics


A length of clothing or tulle can be enough to transform an empty outdoor space into an atmospheric venue. Draping tulle from the ceilings to the floor can make an empty venue a little colorful and bare. The other alternative is covering up tables with a piece of clothing or weaving tulle through chairs. It is amazing what a difference a tablecloth can make when you can’t afford to rent or buy party furniture.


Use Lanterns and Balloons


Balloons and lanterns were once a talking point in event decoration. However, they are slowly making a comeback when it comes to decorating parties on a budget. Event organizers can use balloons in various ways to make an event venue stand out. Balloons covered with helium and confetti-filled balloons are trendy in event decoration. Lettered balloons are a viable option for adding a sense and interest to a seemingly empty outdoor venue.


Keep Your Party Casual


You don’t need expensive furniture to make a birthday party colorful. An occasional table and floor pillows are intimate and creative ways to make a party casual. Small finger foods and simple cocktails are perfect for casual parties and can save you the money you would have spent on food. A one-color décor theme can help pull off a wonderful party venue. White is the cheapest and simplest color to keep a party or corporate meeting lively and colorful.


Keep Your Venue Natural


Keeping a party natural is super easy and costless. You can complete the party décor with an inexpensive flower bouquet and wooden serving dishes. Windflowers would be a colorful addition to the décor of a venue away from the city. It would work perfectly for a farmer’s market theme. All-natural fun should be central to your party. Concentrating on guest satisfaction should be the key thing in a party. Happy and satisfied guests are unlikely to notice a lack of decorations.