How to Decide When to Replace or Repair Your HDB Main Door

Your HDB main door is the primary access to yourhome. For this reason, it is supposed to be strong for security and privacy purposes. As well, front doors should serve another purpose — enhancing exterior design. Therefore, if your current main door does not qualify as strong and attractive, you should consider either a repair or replacement. But, what option should you choose and why?

It is common to find yourself in a dilemma, mainly when the final decision depends on several factors. In this case, there are many things you need to consider to ensure that youmake the right decision. This article providesan overview of some of the most important factors to consider before replacing or repairing a door. On top of that, it will provide a rationale for each option, which justifies the choice made.

Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Front Door

A secure and stylish front door doesn’t need repair or replacement

Before deciding whether to repair or replace the front door, you need to ask yourself if it’s a necessary move. Doing so will help you come up with concrete reasons as to whether or not it’s a reasonable idea. Furthermore, you should be able to validate why you are considering a repair or replacement. Here are some reasons why you might be considering replacing or repairing the main door:

  • The age of the main door. You could argue that the door needs a repair or replacement based on how long it has been in use.
  • Compromised security. Situations like break-ins and losing keys can be valid reasons to consider main door replacements or repairs.
  • Changes in design preferences. Renovations options can be considered due to changes in tastes and preferences.
  • Costs incurred. Basing a replacement or repair decision on costs is considerate and essential.
  • Effectiveness of the door. How well or poorly the door works will also come into play when deciding between a repair and replacement.

While most main doors are durable, replacements and repairs are common. Getting your doors installed by a reputable HDB main door supplier will help. If anything, we have already seen that sturdiness is not the only factor considered when repairing or replacing a door. In the next section, we will elaborate you when to decide when to replace or repair your door based on the above reasons.

Considering the age of your HDB main door

The door’s age should help you determine the best solution for a broken or rusty door.Here, there are two possible scenarios you might find yourself in;

  • The door is relatively new but has a significant problem. Let’s say a wooden door has a crack or,
  • An old door has a minor issue that causes inconveniences. A good example is when the door has loose hinges.

The two situations are tricky because the final decision will also be influenced by another consideration—costs. Repairing a major problem for a new or old door will be expensive compared to a minor repair. In this situation, you need to access the cost-benefits and decide based on that. However,if the door is old, it is best to replace it.

Compromised securityof your HDB main door

Security is a valid reason why you could be considering replacing or repairing the main door. From the two examples above, one carries more weight than the other. A break-in is a severe threat to security, regardless of whether the door’s status was changed. Nevertheless, it’s always good to replace a door after a break-in.

On the other hand, compromised lock systems should not be entirely a reason to replace the main door. But also, this depends on the lock mechanism used. Barn-style HDB main doors might require replacements, while lost keys need a lock system repair.

This beautifulHDB main door features a secure digital lock system

Changes in design preferences

The key design aspects of the main door are style, material and colour. At any point, it’s natural to feel the need to change its design. Color can be easily changed with some paintwork, while the material and style require a replacement. Let’s say your current door is barn-style, and you don’t fancy that style anymore. Your only option here is to change to a flush-style main entrance.

Modern double-door design ideas designed by GateDoorWindow

Considering costs incurred

Here, the decision should be simple to make. If the repair cost is higher than the current value of the main door, consider a replacement. Conversely, if the repair cost is low, consider a repair. As we saw earlier, the value of a door changes with time. This change is referred to as depreciation and should help you make financial decisions about your assets.

Considering the effectiveness of your HDB main door

For a door to be effective, it has to serve its purpose seamlessly. Factors that compromise this include wear and tear, loose hinges, and cracks. Your replacement or repair decision should be based on the severity of the damage. For instance, if the damage is so severe that the door is ineffective, you should consider a replacement. Again, you should also decide based on the most cost-effective solution.

The Next Steps

Once you decide whether to replace or repair your door, youneed to find a professional who can do the job for you. Ensure to hire someone experienced and reputable. Besides that, always consider the above factors, and you have an easy time deciding on the best solution. Remember, your mainentrance can significantly improve the security and look of your HDB flat.

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