How to deal with the Error Codes associated with Canon Printer?

Technology is indeed expanding its branches day by day. It is evolving, but at the same time, it does have a lot of flaws. Nothing in this world is perfect, not even technology. New inventions are being done, and every time there is a whole new model of mobile phone with advanced features. But don’t they have flaws? Well, they do. 

Similarly, the Canon printer does have some defaults that a lot of users face. Canon printer is a wireless printer with a high-quality, smooth and detailed print. It is one of the best-selling products in the market. But, there are also some flaws: the error codes detected in the Canon printer. 

Over here, we will discuss the error codes on the Canon printer. And, you will also get to know how to fix these error codes. 

The Main Reason for Displaying Error Codes on the Canon Printer

Before we go on with the fixes, you must understand the main cause behind these error codes. There can be many reasons behind the error. It might be possible that you want to print a document, but suddenly an error message pops up. 

The reason can be incompatible with the settings with the document, or you might not be using the suitable paper for print. Or, it might be possible the ink is running low. Hence, you need to replace it. 

There is a specific error code number that the printer shows whenever there is a default. With the error codes, you can fix the particular error causing abnormality to your printer. If you are not confident enough, then you can contact Printer repair Dubai.

Ways to Fix the Error Codes on the Canon Printer

It is very simple to fix the error codes, but it might take some time. So, you need to be very stable enough to handle it. You do not require any special tools; just by following the instructions, you can solve the problem. 

Check the error code

The very first thing that you need to do is to check the error code. If you face any abnormality, a box will display on your screen. You will see the support codes or the error code. Then, work according to it, go to the manual and fix the problem. Some common error codes are given below.

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We will discuss the most common error codes that the users face and their main causes and fixes. Further, it will help you to get rid of the abnormalities you face while printing. 

  1. Error code E02

You will see this error code E02 because the paper that you are using cannot enter the tray. In this case, you need to load the paper in the rear tray and then select the OK button to proceed with the change. Further, you will see that your problem is solved. 

  1. Error code E03

This error message will pop up when the paper gets stuck inside the printer. In this case, you need just to remove the jammed paper and then select the OK button to solve the issue. Another reason can be the — open paper output tray. And, in such a situation you need to remove that, then have to select the OK button. 

  1. Error code E05

The reason behind this error code can be the inappropriate installation of the cartridge, or the ink cartridge cannot be detected by the printer or the wrong installation of the ink cartridge. In this situation, you need to remove the wrong ink cartridge and reinstall it. Or, rather try cleaning the printer, and then install the cartridge, and see if the problem is fixed or not. You can also buy the correct cartridge and install it. Thus, you will see that the problem is solved. 

  1. Error code E07

This error code appears when your correct cartridge is not installed properly, or it might be possible that multiple ink cartridges are provided with the same colour. In this case, you have to simply check the cartridge and set it in the right position, or you can also ensure that every cartridge is installed properly. You can change the cartridge if you face abnormalities furthermore. Moreover, you can also contact a printer repair expert for further help.

  1. Error code E15

The error code is detected when your printer fails to recognise the cartridge. The only solution is that you need to lift the cover of the printer and check if it is placed correctly or not. Make sure that it is set in the right position. 

  1. Error code E08

Your printer will display this error when the ink absorber becomes nearly full. To fix this, you can either replace the ink absorber or rest the printer. After resetting the printer, you will see that the error code won’t appear, and you can complete your printing stuff. 

  1. Error code 1684

It means that the printer is having a problem recognising the fine cartridge. In such a case, you have to remove the cartridge and clean the printer, especially the gold contact area in front of the cartridge. Then, finally, reinstall the cartridge and try to print something. If still, the error appears, contact the professionals or contact the printer repair. 

  1. Error 5700 5400 6000 5200 5100

It means that a service error has occurred. You just need to disconnect the power cable and open the printer. You need to check if there is any foreign object present or not. Further, you just need to remove the foreign and then close the cover. Now, try to print and see if it is working or not. 

  1. Error code 306

This error occurs when you are trying to print from the mac. First, to solve the error, click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences. After that, you have to click on the Print And Fax option. If you see that the padlock is locked, then you just have to click it and enter the password. Then, you have to click the ‘-‘ sign button to remove the printer and the ‘+’ button for adding purposes. Finally, leave the options on default.  

  1.  Error code E07 U075 U076

It means that the fine cartridge or the tri-coloured cartridge is not installed properly. You just need to replace it or place it correctly to avoid the error display. After following the instructions, you will see that the error is not appearing anymore.  


So, these are some common error codes that the users mainly report. The error codes along with their main cause and fixes are given. These fixes will help you to get rid of the abnormalities. Hope these pieces of information will help you out. Last but not the least, you can also take help from reliable printer repair agencies.

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